sea monster cake

Sea Monster Cake

I started out with 2 rectangular 12" cakes and laid them end to end to make a 2 foot long cake which I used for the "sea". I made 5 round rice crispie circles that were approximately 5 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick which I later used as bases to help support the seamonster head and humps.

M&M Cake

M&M Cake

My daughters name is Emma and has had the nickname Em&EM for a few years now. I always surprise her with a fun innovative cake but was stumped this year. I knew there would be no more Elmos, cute puppies, Barbies or unicorns. So, at the last minute it came to me.

pink roller skate cake

Roller Skate Cake

Using a 9" x 13" sheet cake pan, bake pound cake with flavoring, I used Raspberry. Let cool completely. Cut sheet cake into 3 equal pieces and stack, I used chocolate whipped butter cream. Place in freezer overnight to get a nice firm cake for sculpting so it doesn't crumble.

2 easy train cakes

Train Cakes

Here are 2 different train cakes the kids will love. The first is covered in fondant and the second was piped with buttercream icing. Both use loaf cakes, which create the ideal shape for a train car.

my little pony cake

My Little Pony Cake

My Little Pony Cake features the winged pony from the cartoon.

penguin cake with igloo

Penguin Cake

Here's an adorable penguin cake with an igloo as the main feature. It's a great winter theme cake or a kids birthday cake.

Winnie the Pooh cake

Winnie the Pooh Cake

This Winnie the Pooh cake is covered with fondant and decorated with gum paste gift boxes and letters.

It was made as a boy's birthday cake for a 2 year old. The name is done in gum paste with cake decorating wire to make the letters stand up.

flower birthday cake with roses and hydrangeas

Flower Birthday Cake

Although this flower birthday cake was created for a one year old's birthday, you can easily adapt it for a female of any age by making a different number to stick in the cake.

monkey cake design

Monkey Cake Design

This monkey cake is comprised of 2-9" layers with a cupcake on top. It is covered in chocolate fondant.

To make the monkey cake, you will need:

Spongebob Squarepants cake

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

This Spongebob cake demonstrates how easily kids birthday cakes, featuring your child's favorite character, can be assembled with pre-made edible images. My daughter selected this Spongebob Cake picture from the wide selection at Partyworks.com.