fondant recipe on 3 tiered cake Fondant Recipe
This easy rolled fondant recipe is great for creating a beautiful, smooth covering for any cake. The benefit of making your own fondant is that it is less costly than purchasing pre-made fondant; however, purchasing fondant can save you plenty of preparation time. Poured fondant has a completely different look and texture. It is shiny and translucent. Poured fondant is commonly used to cover petit-fours. Marbleizing Fondant You can color or marbleize this fondant recipe by adding paste food coloring with a toothpick. Paste coloring is best, because it is made with glycerin and will not affect the consistency of the fondant. To marbleize this fondant recipe: Add a small amount of color and knead in a bit, but not to the point of making the fondant uniformly colored. When rolled out, it will appear marbleized. Marbleized Fondant Recipe Another way to marbleize is to combine different colors of fondant. Twist them around one another and knead them just until you achieve the marbleizing effect you like. When coloring the fondant, add a little paste at a time. You can always add more to darken the shade, but you can't lighten it unless you have more white fondant available to knead in. The cake will look best if the fondant color is lighter than the rest of the decorations. If you are trying to achieve an intense color, be more generous with the food color, as it will take quite a bit to get a dark shade. Due to the glycerin in the food color paste, the fondant recipe may become a bit sticky. Just add additional confectioner's sugar as necessary to return the fondant to its original texture. Professional decorators use fondant quite frequently, due to its versatility and pristine finish. Fondant can be decorated by airbrushing the color on or by painting it with a powdered food coloring and lemon extract mixture. Painting a cake is great fun and gives you endless design possibilities. It's also easier and less time consuming than tinting fondant different colors. If you decide to paint a cake, first test your colors on a piece of white fondant. Once you begin brushing color directly on the cake, you won't be able to remove it. A lot of people don't care for the taste of fondant. Marshmallow fondant is a great alternative fondant recipe and it's inexpensive Rolled Fondant Cake to make.
buttercream icing recipe on wedding cake Buttercream Icing Recipe
This buttercream icing recipe is a kid's favorite and great for covering the cake and piping all kinds of decorations. You can vary the consistency to your needs whether covering the cake, piping, and creating flowers. Add more milk to make the buttercream frosting thinner for fine lines or make it thicker with more confectioner's sugar for piping borders, scrolls, etc. To create flowers that need to be stiffer, add vegetable shortening to this buttercream recipe. If you try to use the buttercream as is for flowers, such as roses, the petals will droop and the shape will distort. * Note: If making thicker icing, a free standing mix master is best. (I've broken 2 hand held mixers making icing. The firm consistency strains the motor and burns it out). Makes enough to frost an 8 - 9" cake and pipe borders