fudge cake icing between chocolate cake layers Fudge Cake Icing Recipe 2
Fudge Icing is suitable for creating borders and decorations which use a large enough tip to allow any pieces of chocolate to pass through. If you do plan to decorate with this icing, be sure that all the chocolate is completely melted and is thoroughly combined with the rest of the ingredients prior to cooling. Once the icing is cooled, unmixed melted chocolate will become lumpy and may be caught in the decorating tip. I wouldn't recommend using any writing and stringwork tips with this icing.
fudge cake icing on yellow cake Fudge Cake Icing 1
This is a rich, sweet, dense fudge icing that is suitable for denser cakes that can support it. Great on chocolate cake.
Boiled Icing Recipe 1
Boiled icing recipes produce soft, fluffy icing with the consistency and flavor of marshmallows. They are also referred to as Italian Meringue Icing. All 3 recipes on this website combine beaten egg whites with boiled sugar syrup. Compared to buttercream icing, which is made with butter and confectioner's sugar, boiled icing recipes are softer, fat-free, and hold up better in humid weather. They do, however, firm up quickly, so you will need to frost the cake immediately after making them. Be sure to keep all the ingredients free of grease to ensure the egg whites will whip up properly. Any bit of yolks that get into the egg white mixture will also inhibit the whites from whipping. This recipe uses cream of tartar to help retain its texture. Yields enough to fill and frost an 8" cake Have the egg whites at room temperature when you begin. You will need to carefully monitor the temperature of the sugar syrup to achieve the ideal consistency. Overheating it will cause the icing to harden quickly. You can rectify this problem by whipping in 1 - 2 teaspoons of boiling water. When using a candy thermometer to monitor the temperature, just keep in mind that the temperature will rise slowly at first. Don't be fooled into walking away, because once the mixture gets hot, the temperature will rise quickly.
instant royal icing recipe piping on cake Instant Royal Icing Recipe
This instant royal icing recipe is made with albumin, which is a dry, powder form of egg whites. It does not dry as hard as when you follow the fresh egg white royal icing instructions.
royal icing recipe on owl cookies Royal Icing Recipe
What is Royal Icing? This pure white icing offers many decorative options for cake decorators. Since royal icing hardens when dry, decorations can be made in advance of the cake and stored for weeks in an airtight container. Use this icing to create a flawless finish on the outside of the cake; create icing flowers; cover a cake board; make run-out designs; create lace and filigree work; create string work; design plaques and decorations on a wire. Many wedding cakes feature royal icing decorations, because they can be made in advance and be quickly assembled on the cake. They hold up well when the cake is transported. Imagine the number of touch-ups you would have to make on a wedding cake if you accidentally grazed the decorations!
bundt cake covered with chocolate ganache recipe Chocolate Ganache Recipe
This chocolate ganache recipe is a delicious, rich chocolate glaze that is poured over the cake to create a glossy, beautiful finish. When chilled, ganache can be whipped up for piping decorations. In order to pipe chocolate ganache icing, you must make sure that the chocolate bits are completely melted. If solid bits come out when you are piping decorations, they will clog up the decorating tip. I only use whipped chocolate ganache for piping borders - the tip is larger and less likely to be clogged with chocolate pieces. To cover the cake smoothly with the chocolate ganache recipe, I first use a crumb coat of chocolate icing to help the ganache adhere to the surface and to fill in any imperfections on the surface of the cake. Place the cake on a cardboard round or foamcore board, then set it on a rack with either a pan or waxed paper beneath to catch the dripping chocolate ganache. Pour the ganache over the top and guide it to flow evenly down all sides of the cake. Use a metal spatula to even out the sides as it flows down. If you need to smooth out any imperfections, do so before the ganache sets. The surface will lose its sheen and wrinkle if you try to fix it later.
Peanut Butter Icing on a chocolate cupcake Peanut Butter Icing
This peanut butter icing recipe will quickly become your kids' favorite. If you are a peanut butter lover, you may secretly eat spoonfulls when no one is watching! When thickened, this recipe lends itself perfectly to making chocolate covered peanut butter balls that taste remarkably like Reeses peanut butter cups. Chop them up...and, man, are they good with ice cream! This icing complements chocolate cake, banana cake,and pound cake.
carrot cake with cream cheese frosting Cream Cheese Frosting
This cream cheese frosting is a delicious complement to cheesecakes, carrot cake, spice cake, and red velvet cake. Use this icing to frost the cake and do piping. I would not recommend using it to create detailed decorations or decorations with require a firmer icing.  
chocolate frosting on chocolate cupcakes Chocolate Frosting made with Semi-Sweet Chocolate
This chocolate frosting recipe is a more luxurious icing that is used when still warm.It will go on smoothly when warm, but become quite thick and difficult to spread as it cools. It leaves a nice shiny finish similar to poured fondant. While great for frosting, I do not recommend it for piping.
Cake with Chocolate Icing Chocolate Icing Recipe made with Cocoa Powder
The ever-popular, chocolate icing recipe is really quite simple to make. I have been making this recipe for my kids since they were young. Any time they are offered cake or cupcakes frosted with store-bought chocolate icing, they turn it down. Once you're hooked on good quality icing, you just can't ever go back to canned.