Cashew Cream Frosting
This is a delightful and decadent cashew cream frosting that is most delicious on warm muffins, cupcakes, and quick breads. The recipe calls for soy milk, so if you or your customer has a milk allergy, this recipe is a good option. Great for covering nut and vegetable-based cakes and a very healthy frosting option.
white wedding cake icing on a 3 tier cake Wedding Cake Icing
White wedding cakes are so popular, yet most buttercream recipes contain butter, which gives the icing an off-white color. In order to create a pure white icing, ideal for frosting wedding cakes, you can use this recipe which uses 100% vegetable shortening as the fat.
marshmallow fondant ingredients Marshmallow Fondant Recipe
This marshmallow fondant recipe is so fast & easy and tastes far better than store bought rolled fondant. For best results, make it the day before you need it.
chocolate cream cheese icing on cupcakes Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing
This chocolate cream cheese icing is really good on chocolate cheesecake.
cake covered with rolled buttercream Rolled Buttercream Icing Recipe
Many have asked for the Rolled Buttercream recipe. This recipe was used for my Shocking Lime Green Wedding cake you will find on this site! Rolled Buttercream Rolled buttercream icing is a softer covering than rolled fondant. It is also more shiny, which may not be appropriate for all wedding cakes. Rolled Buttercream stands up to heat, and keeps well in the refrigerator if tightly wrapped. Cakes covered with rolled buttercream can be decorated with royal or buttercream icing.
Grand Marnier Buttercream
Grand Marnier Buttercream is excellent on orange cake, grand marnier cake, chocolate cake and nut flavor cakes. Grand Marnier is a delicious liqueur (80 proof) made of blended cognacs and distilled bitter orange. It can be drank neat or in cocktails. It is often used to make crepes. It can be found in most liquor stores.
cake frosted with swiss meringue buttercream Swiss Meringue Buttercream
To make swiss meringue buttercream icing, just follow the simple formula: 1, 2, 3 These are the proportions of eggs to sugar to butter. Swiss meringue buttercream has a beautiful texture right after it's made; light, fluffy and it goes on the cake very smoothly. It is a much heavier tasting buttercream and has the distinct taste of butter. Some people prefer it and others find it too heavy.  
rose made with gum paste recipe Gum Paste Recipe
Preparing a gum paste recipe is similar to making fondant, but the addition of gum tagacanth gives the dough the added flexibility for making delicate flowers and forming figures. Gum paste can be rolled out much thinner than fondant can, allowing you to make realistic-looking flower petals. When making gum paste drapes or lace impressions, attach them to the cake right away. Flowers and figures should be allowed to dry. Once dry, they can be dusted with petal dust or painted with a combination of lemon extract and powdered food coloring. Then they are attached to the cake with a dab of royal icing.
Icing Cream
Icing cream is a cross between cream and icing, a delicious, fluffy light combination of heavy cream and powdered sugar. You can use this recipe to frost a cake or fill it. If using it for filling, it will be enough to place between 3 layers. If you are using it for a 2 layer cake, you can cut the recipe in half. There are so many scrumptious variations you can do if using it for filling. When filling you don't worry as much about lumps, bumps, and a perfectly smooth appearance, so it gives you more versatility to play around with the recipe. The basic recipe is suitable for either frosting or filling:
whipped cream recipe Whipped Cream Recipe
Whipped cream is delicious in its simplicity. It is extremely versatile, working as a perfect complement for most cakes, without overpowering their flavor. It will always come out perfect if you do 3 things:
  1. Make sure the mixing bowl and beaters are completely free of any water droplets.
  2. Chill both the bowl and the beaters in the freezer for at least 10 minutes beforehand.
  3. Prepare with chilled heavy cream. Do not let it sit out of the refrigerator before starting.
If you prepare the whipped cream recipe without the optional ingredients, you'll have a traditional whipped cream, however, it does not hold up well for piping. The addition of unflavored gelatin gives it firmness. In general, whipped cream does not hold up well under warm temperatures, so keep it chilled and don't leave the cake out of the refrigerator for long periods of time. Either variation is ideal for ice cream cake decorating. It spreads quickly and hardens up rapidly after making contact with the cold surface. If you are using a stand mixer, beat the mixture with the balloon attachment.