butter pecan sweet cream frosting on hummingbird cake Butter Pecan Sweet Cream Frosting
Butter Pecan Sweet Cream Frosting has a nice, buttery pecan flavor, perfect for frosting chocolate cakes.
Dreamsicle Butter Cream Frosting
Dreamsicle Butter Cream Frosting combines both vanilla and orange extract to lend a dreamsicle flavor to an American buttercream icing recipe.  
Citric-Almond icing
Citric-almond icing combines fruity and nutty flavors to create a perfect complement to cheesecake. Also delicious on almond and other types of nut cakes.  
Nutty Frangelico Cream Icing
Nutty frangelico cream icing is great on a dark chocolate cake or a hazelnut flavored cake.
Peppermint royal icing on a gingerbread house Peppermint Royal Icing
Use this peppermint royal icing to bond together Gingerbread houses and also for a tasty piping on cakes for lacework and such.
Potato Chocolatey Frosting
This highly unusual frosting uses instant mashed potatoes as its base.
Awesome Buttercream
I came up with this by combining several different recipes that I have tried. This one is my family's favorite. It is a variation of American Buttercream Icing and it is a crusting icing.
bittersweet frosting on a cupcake Bittersweet Frosting
This bittersweet frosting is the most decadent chocolate icing ever. Made a cake with this icing and it turned out to be a winner!
cupcakes topped with Aunt Mary's frosting Aunt Mary's Frosting
This is an old-fashioned frosting that is made with scalded milk.
healthful pumpkin spice icing on cupcakes Healthful Pumpkin Spice Icing
This is a healthy icing recipe that works well spread on fruit and nut-based cakes. There is no refined sugar in the recipe, making a healthy alternative to traditional frosting.