Peach Paradise Icing
Peach paradise icing uses the juice from a fresh peach. This is a completely organic icing recipe.
heathers buttercream icing Heather's Buttercream Icing
Heather's buttercream icing is essentially a crusting buttercream recipe. Crusting buttercream gets a hard surface after about 10 -15 minutes which allows you to use the paper towel method to smooth the surface of the icing.
Mom's Frosting
Mom's frosting recipe uses a roux as a base.
almond lemon buttercream icing on cupcake Almond Lemon Buttercream Icing
Almond lemon buttercream is a perfect match for either almond or lemon cake but also works well with vanilla or chocolate.
Peanut Butter and Coconut Icing
Peanut butter and coconut icing tastes great on most cakes, but just think how much the kids will enjoy the peanut butter flavor when frosting a cake filled with jam or jelly. Make it a familiar favorite - a peanut butter and jelly cake - and you can't go wrong.
coconut cream cheese icing on cupcakes Coconut Cream Cheese Icing
Coconut cream cheese icing is the perfect compliment to coconut cake. Also goes well with almond cake.
chocolate birthday cake frosting on a cupcake Chocolate Birthday Cake Frosting
Chocolate birthday cake frosting has a thick, rich chocolately texture. It will have a shiny finish when applied to the cake.
California Topping
While you can use California Topping on cakes, it's ideal for spreading on top of cheesecakes. The sour cream in the recipe marries well with the cheese in cheesecake and it's great for hiding the cracks that tend to show up in cheesecake.
ganache frosting on cake Ganache Frosting
Ganache frosting is the whipped version of ganache which has the same intense flavor as regular ganache but a light, airy texture. It makes a terrific filling and frosting. It can be a bit difficult to pipe, though, because there tend to be small chocolate pieces that can clog up your piping tip. It will work fine with larger tips.
cupcakes frosted with chocolate cream cheese icing Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing 2
This chocolate cream cheese icing recipe infuses both the flavors of strawberry and coffee with the addition of strawberry jam and a homemade mocha syrup.