White Chocolate Orange Cake White Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe
The white chocolate in this orange cake recipe is a delicious enhancement to the orange flavor. The cake's texture is similar to coffee cake, making it more suitable to serve with a glaze than to make as a layer cake with frosting.
a slice of hawaiian coconut cake Hawaiian Coconut Cake
The hawaiian coconut cake uses coconut milk in addition to regular milk.    
cake frosted with pineapple buttercream Pineapple Buttercream Icing
Pineapple buttercream icing is a perfect pairing for old fashioned coconut cake.
a slice of old fashioned coconut cake with coconut frosting Old Fashioned Coconut Cake
If you enjoy the tropical flavors of coconut and pineapple, try a coconut cake recipe for a delicious change of pace. Nothing you buy can compare to coconut cake homemade by you.
chocolate cake with ganache Best Chocolate Cake Recipe
This truly is the best chocolate cake recipe I have ever come across. So many recipes claim to render a moist chocolate cake...then the end results are disappointingly dry. Even though there are a few extra steps involved, the rave reviews will make it worth your effort. The first four ingredients listed make the chocolate custard that is incorporated into the recipe.
red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe
This is the best red velvet cake recipe I've ever made. Despite the intense color of this chocolate cake, it's chocolate flavor is actually quite modest. Red food coloring is largely responsible for the attractive color of this traditional southern delight. Typically, a red velvet cake is frosted with cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans.
yellow cake with chocolate frosting One Bowl Yellow Cake Recipe
This one bowl yellow cake recipe is so quick to make. The basic recipe is a vanilla cake batter, but you can try out the options for additional flavors. I always make this recipe when my kids want cake and I'm pressed for time. This is the quickest cake recipe next to making a cake mix.
vanilla custard filling Vanilla Custard Filling
I love this vanilla custard filling in between yellow cake with chocolate ganache on top - boston cream cake. Yum!  
yellow cake recipe with chocolate frosting Yellow Cake Recipe II
This yellow cake recipe is a very light, golden layer cake with a delicate texture. Makes two 9" layers.
yellow cake with white frosting Yellow Cake Recipe
The yellow cake recipe is a popular choice for cake decorating. The subtle flavor lends itself well to all types of fillings and frostings. This cake is commonly referred to as a butter cake recipe or a vanilla cake recipe. You can use this recipe as a base to create a variety of other flavors. Use cake flour that does not have leavening added to its ingredients. Have all ingredients at room temperature for best results. Makes Two 8" cakes