delicious, fudge apple upside down cake recipe Fudge Apple Upside Down Cake
This fudge apple upside down cake recipe is made in a similar fashion to pineapple upside down cake. The addition of fudge creates a more intense flavor the whole family will enjoy.  
white cake covered with fondant Heavenly White Cake
Heavenly white cake batter begins as a meringue, creating a very light texture to a delicious cake.
Moist and Easy Chocolate cake recipe Easy Chocolate Cake
This is an easy as pie, easy chocolate cake recipe for a tasty moist chocolate cake that keeps well. It's one of the staples at my cafe. We go through a whole one a day during holidays!
black forest cake Black Forest Cake
The traditional German black forest cake combines a chocolate cake with a cherry filling infused with Kirsh liquor. This is a virgin version of the recipe.
unfrosted whipping cream pound cake on a plate Whipping Cream Pound Cake
Whipping cream pound cake is a family favorite that requires few ingredients and always comes out great.
chocolate mocha cake with nuts on the side Chocolate Mocha Cake
To make chocolate mocha cake, I take a basic chocolate cake recipe and add 1 (one) tablespoon instant coffee to the liquid for the cake. If I am in a hurry, I use the Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge cake mix. If I am not rushed for time I use an old family recipe.
crumb coffee cake serving Crumb Coffee Cake Recipe
I get frequent requests for this coffee cake. Whenever I make it, it disappears in a flash!
Moist Raspberry Cupcakes Moist Raspberry Cupcakes
While there are several different components to put this raspberry cupcake together, the good news is the cupcake itself is easy because it's made from doctored cake mix. The precise recipe will vary based on the type of cake mix you use. What I did was place my raspberry puree' in the liquid measuring cup first and then fill the measuring cup up to the level of water called for in the recipe. Keep in mind that when you strain the seeds out of your puree', you might not end up with 1/2 cup of puree' as I did.
making raspberry filling Quick Raspberry Filling
Normally, I make raspberry filling with unflavored gelatin, but this recipe came about when I had none on hand but happened to have raspberry flavored Jell-o in the cabinet.
Sour Cream Cake Sour Cream Cake Recipe
I really like this sour cream cake recipe and use it regularly. The original recipe came from Sweet Celebrations, but I modified it a bit. What's great about this moist cake recipe is it's dense enough for carving and there is very little, if any crown, to trim. This recipe will make 2 9" cakes each 2" high, so you don't need to torte them to create a 4" tier. Because it's a sour cream cake, there is much more moisture. It is not a light, airy cake.