Wedding Cake Icing

white wedding cake icing on a 3 tier cake
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SourceNatalie, Malyasia
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White wedding cakes are so popular, yet most buttercream recipes contain butter, which gives the icing an off-white color. In order to create a pure white icing, ideal for frosting wedding cakes, you can use this recipe which uses 100% vegetable shortening as the fat.


1 c
vegetable shortening
1⁄2 t
1 1⁄2 t
clear vanilla extract
1⁄2 c
1⁄2 t
almond extract
8 c
confectioners sugar


  1. Mix shortening, water, vanilla, almond extract, and half of the powdered sugar with a mixer for 5-10 minutes. (it's very important to mix this long)
  2. Add the rest of the powdered sugar and beat just enough to mix in.
  3. Add additional water for desired consistency.


If you're not battling the heat, you can get a white buttercream icing using butter, which tastes better than shortening. Rather than use store-bought butter, make your own by beating heavy cream until it forms butter. You will have to strain off the whey to produce solid butter. This butter will have no yellow coloring and will give you a white buttercream.

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