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I wanted to honor Native Americans and their contributions to early settlers with this cake. It was their shared knowledge of agriculture and preserving crops and wild game that led to the success and sustainability of the early white settlers. Thanksgiving Celebration is a wonderful time to embrace the importance of this gift, not just for the Pilgrims but for us in this modern era. It was the Wampanoag Indians that provided most of the food during the first Thanksgiving and they signed a treaty granting the first Pilgrims the right to grow and build on the land. This is the reason behind the first Thanksgiving. The white settlers would see this as a friendship being started, knowing that without the help of the Native American Indians, they would never have survived the harsh winter. It was a time of celebrating with family and friends and being thankful. Thanksgiving will always be remembered as a time when Native Americans shared with Pilgrims. I purposely posed the figure in a kneeling position offering up his bountiful harvest. I carved red and green velvet cake, filled with cream cheese buttercream. I use the same buttercream to make the grass. The exterior of the figure, the basket full of maize and rug are made of fondant by hand and painted with gel edible colors and food markers. The super fine details were piped with royal icing, in order to use another technique and give it more texture. The head took me 3 hours to sculpted, and the entire project took me 3 days.

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