Autumn day at the park

When i have been told to enter in this Fall competition, closing my eyes the first thing that came to mind was a calm park, and so i tried to recreate the picture as closely as i imagined it.
This cake is constructed by a polystyrene cake dummy, covered with white sugar paste then coloured using the airbrush technique lightly mixing different shades to create the autumn tangy colour. For every decoration i have used the modelling technique with modelling paste, I've had no moulds and they're all done by hand. Some of my decorations were coloured with airbrushing such as the tree branches and the rustic bench to make it more realistic, I also used edible powder for the girls face and small details like the eyebrows and outlining eyes and lips. All of this is my work, i hope you like it :)
Thank you, Maria.

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Fall Cake Contest
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Isabella's picture

Nice detailing on the figurine. Love this, so cute!

Giorgia's picture

Amazing work!! Love it