Was an absolute glorious day for my son and brides wedding. Beautiful weather….perfect day. As bride Megan requested, a very small wedding cake, two 6/3" semi-naked cakes. They were citrus flavoured victoria sponge with orange liqueur flavoured bc in between. Colour scheme was pinks & beiges. Bottom double barrel tier was 2 cake dummies. Cake was decorated in a rustic theme with emphasis on burlap, since the wedding venue was in a converted barn. Cake board was pink coloured gumpaste resembling wood grain. Flowers were a keepsake…made from coffee filter papers and clay craft clay.

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Sandra Smiley's picture

Magnificent cake, June! You should be very proud of this one.

Clarky's Cakes's picture

I have to say Sandra, that I was very, very happy how this cake turned out. As I said to Katy, everything just worked....fell into place...

eicie_59's picture

Beautiful work June!!!

Clarky's Cakes's picture

Thank you EICIE _59.... ❤️

gopa's picture

Really love this one June.

Clarky's Cakes's picture

Thanks Goreti...