Fall Takeover

When you have an outside wedding, don't forget to take the cake inside....or Fall will take over! *Movie guy voice* I made this cake...today lol.... just for this contest, because It has been a style that has been on my cake'it list for a while now. I hate making wedding cakes, but I love fun and colorful sculpted cakes, so I really enjoyed doing a "wedding cake" and letting nature take it and mess it up! Lol.

The moss was made by coloring buttercream a forest green color, and then rolling the cake (like the sprinkle technique) in a mixture of oreo, sugar cookie and ice cream cone crumbles. Once the bottom cake and board were covered, I airbrushed them with green, red and blue Wilton Spray Cans (oh yeah....my airbrush machine broke this morning before I started the cake....fun!) The other tieres are white with simple texturing with a spatula, and candy pearls. The mushrooms are fondant, the flowers and leaves are gumpaste and the vines are wire and chocolate. Started at 7:30 am, finished about 40 minutes ago at 4:20pm. Hope I didn't miss the deadline, but if so, I still had fun making this lol.

Thanks for the contest, very cool them!


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