Winter Scene Cakes

winter scene cakes - wonderland, snowflakes, snow

Winter scene cakes depict snow, evergreen trees and snowflakes. They focus on the beautiful elements of nature during this cold time of the year.

Winter Cake

winter cakeThis was my first cake working with fondant and decorating tips. My sister and I had a blast making it and will be making a Christmas cake for my neighborhood party.
Cake decorated by Lori from Florida

Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland cakeMade with marshmallow fondant
Cake decorated by Carly from Washington

Snowflake Shower Cake

snowflake shower cake2 layer stacked vanilla cake with raspberry cream filling and butter cream frosting. Made snowflakes free hand with melted white chocolate.
Cake decorated by Pammy Cakes from Oakland, Maine

Snowflake Wedding Cake

snowflake wedding cake4-layer stacked spice cake with honey butter cream frosting. Snowflakes made free hand using icing.
Cake decorated by Pammy Cakes from Oakland, Maine

Winter Wonderland Cake

winter wonderland cakeThis is a sheet cake. The water is piping gel,the animals are all hand molded from fondant and the igloo is cake covered in fondant:)

Winter Wedding Snowflake Cake

winter wedding snowflake cakeI made this cake for my daughter's winter wonderland wedding. It was my second attempt at a wedding cake, and it was very exciting. The best part is that people were WOWED by the cake, even though the techniques to make it were actually quite simple. The snowflakes were royal icing piped over printed patterns onto waxed paper. I think one thing that made it impressive was the size (even though it is hard to tell here) but it was VERY tall since it sat on 14" pillars on top of glass blocks.

I use Toba Garrett's recipes from her book and they never fail me. The entire cake sparkled because it was covered with both white and irridescent cake glitters. The jewels were strands bought at the sewing department at Hobby Lobby, which is where I got the snowflake ornaments between the layers as well. The topper is a snowflake tree topper with the berries and branches added. Once the cake was assembled I sprinkled the entire thing with cake glitter for snow.

Each cake was classic white. The bottom layer had strawberry cheesecake for filling; the second had cappuccino added to the cake and a cappuccino filling; and the top layers were white buttercream. Many people came back to taste each layer.

One last note: it is impossible to find hexagon cake plates now. I cut cardboard and taped it to a round plate.

Holiday Snowflake Cake

holiday snowflake cakeI made this two tier, 6" and 10" butter cakes for a company Holiday Party. I wanted to give them something simple and elegant but still reflect something about their company.

I incorporated their company logo into the center of the large snow flakes in the centers of the top and bottom layer. The large snow flakes are made of Royal Iciing. Both cakes are covered in light blue buttercream with white snowflakes that I piped on in a random pattern.

Simple and Elegant, the cake was a huge hit.

Cake decorated by Amy Savage from Rockford, MI

If you've made any winter scene cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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