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Topsy turvy cakes have become a favorite, whimsical design, defined by cake layers cut and stacked to appear as though the cake is leaning. Most look as though they will fall over, but if properly supported they are perfectly sturdy. The illusion is achieved by cutting the top cake layer on a slant. Then the center of that layer is hollowed out so the next layer will sit flat on top of it. This technique is repeated with each subsequent layer.  Lopsided cakes can be achieved with round, square and other shaped pans.

Pink, Purple and Orange Topsy Turvy

pink purple and orange topsy turvy cakeThis pink, purple and orange cake is a great option for those who don't want alot of cake, but want the "WOW" factor! First, I bake two 6 in cake layers. Then, I carve the top of the cake to a slight angle. Then, I fill, stack & ice the two layers. Next, I made homemade rice treats. Once the treats are set, I used an 8 in board to carve two layers of rice "rounds" to ice and stack into a bottom tier cake dummy. The cake dummy is iced and decorated in buttercream and fondant just as any regular cake would be, with the hole cut into it to allow for a level placement of the top cake tier. Next I place the real cake onto the dummy and decorate it using MMF in purple, pink, orange & white. Then I piped orange buttercream dots around the bottom of each tier. To finish the cake, I place a purple bow around the top tier, add fondant balls on curled wires, and top the cake with my signature sugar cookie topper.
Cake decorated by Megan Williams from Elkhart, IN

Colorful Topsy Turvy

colorful topsy turvy cakeThis colorful topsy turvy cake was made with styrofoam wedges. It has gumpaste ballerina slippers and flowers. It has feathers, butterflies and plastic princess stuff. I made it for my sister's sweet sixteen birthday party. It's completely in fondant. The base was a round crystal, but it can't be seen because of the white feather garland.
Decorated by Jacqueline from San Antonio, TX

It's All Downhill from Here

down hill cakeI made 3-10 inch, 3-8 inch cakes, and 3-6 inch rice krispie treats. The bottom 2 layers of the bottom two tiers were just filled and stacked. The 3rd part of those tiers were cut in half on a diagonal and filled and added to the top of the tiers. Everything was then crumb coated and left to settle. A circle, 2 inches deep and as round as the cake to be on top of it, was cut out and then crumb coated. This gives the topsy turvy look without the wobbling of cake. Each tier was then covered in marshmallow fondant. Then the cakes were dowel rodded and stacked. The cake was then decorated.
crumb coated topsy turvy tier topsy turvy tiers before assembly
back of downhill cake Cake decorated by Amy from Wauconda, IL

Dr. Seuss Cake

dr seuss cakeThis Dr. Seuss cake was created with carved styrofoam blocks, covered in fondant and used various decorating techniques such as quilting, leather finish, inlay, ribbon roses.

Decorated by Lauren from Honeybrook, PA

Yellow Topsy Turvy Cake

yellow topsy turvy cakeThis yellow topsy turvy cake was my first attempt at this type of cake. I have used 8 inches & 6 inches round pan, Height of each cake was 4". Cake was marked from the top with toothpicks till I reached a little above 2 Inches. I have used a cardboard on top to carve the cake which was 2 inches less than the size of cake. The lower tier was doweled & the top one just decorated & put together with icing. Have used the Art Noveau patchwork cutter for the lower tier. I like making this cake, would like to attempt it again....Hopefully I will remember what I did...haha..
Decorated by Judith Dias from Dubai

Dacia's Reception

dacia's reception cakeMy niece wanted a whimsical cake for her marriage reception and this is what i came up with!! each tier was stacked and trimmed so that when the cake was stacked, it was "topsy-turvy". she chose the colors: white, black and hot pink. i think the three worked together to make an awesome cake!
Cake decorated by Alicia Shannon from Natchez, MS

Mosaic Wedding Cake

mosaic wedding cakeThis topsy turvy is covered in hand made chocolate mmf, colored black. I hand cut all of the white fondant pieces, and attached them in a mosaic pattern. This took FOREVER! But I love the look! The roses are gumpaste.
Cake decorated by Jennie from MI

50th Mardi Gras Birthday Cake

50th mardi gras birthday cakeTo make the 50th Mardi Gras Cake, I cut the top layer of the cake at an angle and then flipped it over to create the sharp curve at the top of the cake. To get those layers to stick together I added a little filling and frosting to them to adhere. Then I took a piece of parchment paper and traced the size of the next tier that will be sitting on top of it. I cut out the circle and place it on the center of the cake it was sitting on. Then I cut the shape out of the cake below. Then i frosted the exposed area and cover the cake in fondant. Then i put dowels in the cake. Then I placed the tiers onto each other. once the cake was assembled I decorated it for a 50yr old's "mardi gras" birthday!
Decorated by Jeannette Lefevre from Philadelphia, PA

If you've decorated any topsy turvy cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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