Rainbow Cakes

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Rainbow cakes are the quick easy solution to making a birthday cake for virtually anyone in a pinch. Just have different food colors or candies on hand and you can make a cake in a pinch.

Or, have even more fun making the cake batter in rainbow colors so when people bite in, they discover the rainbow inside.

Rainbow Cake

rainbow candy cakeWe started with 2 butter cake mixes made up into a quarter of a slab. We made up a light blue buttercream frosting, iced the cake then placed smarties grouped into their different coloures for the rainbow. We then placed the coloures on making sure the next row of smarties was slightly raised over the previous layer for a more 3d effect (so work from the outside of the rainbow to the inside of it you can do one or two layers of the same colour). We then placed broken up marshmallows (or small marshmallows) over the ends for clouds. Last of all, we cut up different coloured fruit sticks to make the flowers and then green decorating gel for the stems and a white dot of gel in the middle of the flower.
Submitted by Emily and Malarni from Queensland, Australia

Buttercream Rainbow Cake

The cake is a 1 layer strawberry cake from a box. I frosted it with with homemade buttercream frosting. and piped the rainbow outline by transferring the design onto my cake with piping gel. Lastly, I used tip 16 stars to make the rainbows in the various colors.
Submitted by Yemi from Delaware

Rainbow Fun Cupcakes

rainbow cupcakesJust divide the white cake batter into 6 bowls and dye each a different color. Spoon a little of each different color batter into each cupcake paper. Top baked cupcake with dyed buttercream frosting.
Submitted by Kianna from Discovery Bay, CA

Serena's Care Bear Inspired Rainbow Cake

serena's care bear inspired rainbow cakeEach tier of Serena's Care Bear-inspired cake was a different flavor of cake (strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.) The tiers were iced with ganache before covering them with fondant.

The topper (rainbow, clouds, star, and "5") were made with gum paste, and the remaining decorations were made of fondant.

Cake decorated by Mary Ann Brooks from Ohio

If you've decorated any rainbow cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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