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A collection of beautiful purse cakes

Purse cakes are both beautiful and worthy of envy. Some cake decorators do an amazing job of capturing every last detail of a designer purse they are trying to copy.

Here are a few beautiful purse cake ideas for you to try on your own.

3-D Purse Cake

3-d purse cakeI did this 3D purse cake for a friend's 50th birthday party. She was so into fashion and pretty things, so she wanted a purse cake in 3-D. So that's what she got! It was chocolate cake sculpted in the shape of a handbag, and then covered in chocolate fondant to look like leather. It had light brown fondant edging and little stitching marks made by my fondant cutter wheel. The handle was wire covered in fondant, and it had fondant daisy flowers for decoration. Another fun part to this cake was the fondant pearl bracelet which had a lovely pearl dust sheen!
Cake decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Purse Cake

tan purse cakeI used 1 white sheet cake and cut it into 3 equal pieces. I stacked them and used buttercream between the layers.

The rest was pretty simple.I simply caved the top corners a bit to give it a curve "purse look". then I covered with buttercream and then fondant. The corners, zipper, and handle were also made of fondant. They were attached using edible "glue". The silver on the purse were just dragees. I then used an edible ink writing pen to draw the design on the purse. It was pretty simple and I got a lot of compliments on it.

Cake decorated by Chris from Arlington, TX

Hand Painted Purse Cake

hand painted purse cakePainted the design with food coloring mixed with almond extract. The handle is edible - it's made with marshmallow fondant.
Decorated by Evie from California

Chanel Purse Cake

Chanel purse cakeThis cake was made for a co-worker. She was saying how her daughter loves Chanel purses and she bought her a copy of a Chanel purse for her birthday. That's where I got the idea for it. It's a white cake with buttercream frosting and fondant. I used 2 loaf pans and shaped them for the purse look. Then I used a square pan and cut it out for shoe look and also covered it with fondant. To make the sandal top, I used raffai paper and opened it up and stuck it across the top of the sandal. It was a really fun cake to make.
Decorated by Cindy Garney from Schenectady, New York

A Purse for Dee Cake

a purse for dee cakeI made this purse cake from pound cake filled with almond buttercream and strawberries. I carved (first time I have carved a cake) into a purse shape and covered with fondant. I embossed the fondant with an embossing pin to attempt to get the look of hand tooled leather, then I painted the purse flap with copper colored lustre dust and the rest of the purse in antique silk lustre dust. I left the handle a little off kilter 'cause I wanted it to look like the person who owns the purse had just put it down and the handle was "falling".
Cake decorated by Debbie from San Marco, TX

Sweet Sixteen Coach Purse Cake

sweet sixteen coach purse cakeI cut a sheet cake in to 3 layers, put frosting on it, covered it with fondant and painted the details.
Cake decorated by Joyce DZ from Eutaw, Alabama

Cherry Blossom, Bamboo Purse Cake

cherry blossom, bamboo purse cakeThe purse is created by stacking and cutting sheet cakes. Then the cake was frosted and covered in light blue fondant. The handle was formed out of gum paste wrapped around a wire and then shaped to resemble bamboo. When dry, it was painted.

The braiding details are done with strips of blue fondant that are actually braided to create the pattern. Once all the details were in place, gum paste apple blossoms were added.

Cake decorated by Evie from California

LV Purse Cake

lv purse cakeHere is one of my LV Cakes. It is a 4 layer cake. It is frosted with vanilla buttercream. The details are piped buttercream. The zipper, handles and corner accents are fondant.

I got the "leather look" by using a paint roller over the crusted buttercream. I smooth the buttercream roughly, then let it crust. I use a "smooth" paint roller and by applying a little pressure, roll out the texture onto my cake.

Decorated by Chris Hoxley from Huntley, IL

Louis Vuitton Cake

louis vuitton cakeThis was my first attempt at a purse cake. I baked a 11x15 chocolate cake and split it into three. Stacked it on top of each other and inserted 4 dowels, buttercreamed and then covered it with chocolate fondant. Embelishments are also made from fondant. Design hand painted on with gold luster dust and lemon extract. Thanks for looking.
Decorated by Michelle from New York, NY

Coach Diaper Bag Cake

coach diaper bag cakeThis is a fully edible Coach diaper bag cake. I threw a baby shower for my friend who happens to love designer bags so I couldn't think of a better cake for her! She also happens to love marshmallow fondant so that is what I used. To begin, I baked a 1/2 sheet cake and just cut it into the shapes that I needed for the cake. I used buttercream to create a thin layer and then covered the whole cake in marshmallow fondant. I used a mini fondant letter cutter to make the c's but I actually used a G since the Coach c is a bit different. I had to sort of play with it to get it to look as close to the signature c that I could.

I wanted the cake to be a pretty green and girly so I used a pearl luster dust on the c's. Everything in the diaper bag was molded with fondant. I used glasses to make the bends in the baby blanket that I needed as well as the straps. This was my first purse cake and oh so much fun!!!

Decorated by Jodi

1st Handbag Cake

Basic chocolate sponge sheet cakes on their long edges, side by side (next time I make one, I'll lay them flat and stack them. Much more stable haha) with chocolate buttercream in between.

As the birthday girl doesn't like marzipan I double iced with pink fondant I dyed myself. I then used a quilting tool to create the fabric effect.

The handles were made out of the same fondant as the cake. And the zip was also, I simply used a knife to mark the lines on it.

The two little pink make up pots were very small victoria sponge cakes covered with the icing and placed in front of the bag. I also made a pink lipstick out of fondant to go with the bag.

As my first attempt at a handbag and having made the cake with a hangover (not my finest hour lol) I'm very pleased how the cake turned out. The birthday girl adored it, as did my colleague (the mum).

Cake decorated by Nyssa Lang from Essex, England

If you've decorated any purse cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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