Pregnant Belly Cakes

pregnant belly cakes

Pregnant belly cakes are so common because they are relatively easy to make. If you take a sheet cake, add two cupcakes up top and a bowl cake for the belly, you have the mother's torso to decorate any way you like.

Pretty in Pink Belly Cake

pretty in pink pregnant belly cakeThis pretty in pink pregnant belly cake consists of an 11"x15" sheet cake with the maternity dress formed from cupcakes and half a ball pan.

First, the sheet cake is filled and frosted with white buttercream. Then 2 cupcakes are arranged towards the top left corner of the cake to create the breasts. The half ball pan is centered below the cupcakes. Then the cupcakes and the half ball cake are frosted.

White fondant is rolled out thinly and laid over the breast area, smoothing the fondant to follow the form of the cupcakes.

A second,larger piece of white fondant is rolled out large enough to be bigger than the belly it's covering. Begin by smoothing the fondant from the bottom of the cupcakes, across the top of the belly and allowing the fondant to drape down on to the cake to create the look of the bottom of the dress. Trim the fondant evenly.

Pink fondant roses with green leaves flank the dress and each of the 4 corners of the cake. The border of the cake is a shell border piped in white buttercream.

Submitted by Christy Mc. from NRH, TX

Baby Bump Cake

baby bump cakeI used a 9X9 pan for the base of the cake. For the baby bump, I used a metal bowl. Everything was done using buttercream icing.
Submitted by Tammy MC from WC, TX

Pregnant Lady Cake

pregnant lady cakeThis baby shower cake is a a two layer two tiers vanilla (box cake mix) cake with raspberry cream filling.

The fondant I made with marshmallows and sugar. The brown details are made of rolled tootsie rolls. The flowers are fresh and I hand made the little dolly. This is my first cake and I made it for one of my best friends baby shower...

I googled all the recipes and techniques.

The bottom layer features dark and light pink stripes in two different widths. The bottom border is created with alternating light pink and brown fondant circles that were cut with a small circle cutter.

The top layer is decorated with brown fondant diamonds. In the center of each diamond is a light pink heart with a smaller dark pink heart inside.

The pregnant lady is made from gum paste. The real flowers were added at the end of the decorating process.

Submitted by Nelly from Jacksonville, Florida

Cute Mom to be Cake

cute mom to be cakeThis cake was so much fun to make. It was for a good friends baby shower. She wanted something pink and cute. This cake was 3 tiers. A 10" 8" and 6". It was a strawberry cake with strawberry cream filling. I iced it in buttercream frosting and then covered each layer in a pale pink fondant. The bottom layer was done in different sized polka dots. I used circle cutters to make the dots then let them harden. I made stripes for the top layer by cutting out different colors and sizes of fondant. I sculpted the woman myself from fondant 2 days before.I wanted to make sure the fondant hardened a bit before I put her on the cake. It had to be transported 100 miles to Tampa so I needed it to be very sturdy. I made sure there were dowel rods in each layer and one going through the whole cake. Luckily it made it just fine and with No problems at all. I got the idea because I had already done a baby shower cake for her and it was decorated all for the baby. I wanted this one to be about her. She loved it and it was a success!
Submitted by Kristienne Bottorf from Choreographed Cakes in Davenport, FL

If you've made any pregnant belly cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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