Musical Instrument Cakes

musical instrument cakes

Musical instrument cakes are for people of all ages: the lovers of music, the talented and the aspiring artists.
Here are a few ideas for a keyboard, piano and accordion to try on your own.

Katie's Piano Keyboard Cake

musical instrument cakeMake a cake in a 13x9x2 pan. Cut in half lengthwise and put together end to end on a long sturdy platter. (I used cardboard covered with aluminum foil.) Frost cake with desired icing. Pipe on the keys with contrasting color (I used chocolate frosting and piped the keys with white). Here's the big tip of the day from my husband...I couldn't figure out how to do the black keys and he suggested Kit Kats! Worked great, looks realistic, and best of all, 7-year-old Katie absolutely loved it! Have fun : )
Cake decorated by Linda Rein from Austintown, OH

Chocolate Accordion Cake

chocolate accordian cakeThis was for my Dad's 80th birthday. It is full size and looks like the accordion I bought him.
-3 layers (3 cake mixes) with chocolate ganache between (9x13 pan)
-Chocolate ganache is just melted chocolate and cream (refrigerate till spreadable)
-carve off top 2 layers to make keyboard
-ice completely with chocolate icing
-melt chocolate and spread thickly (about 1/4 to 1/2") on wax paper on countertop
-let cool just till it won't run but so it will still bend and is carve-able (continually test chocolate for 'done-ness' - it may be trial and error at first but if you mess up, simply re-melt and try again)
-carve chocolate pieces with knife and other implements to suit your purpose. I carved out long strips to lay over front and back and sides, also smaller pieces for top and sides of keyboard, also large rectangle with vent and air button holes for back, also chocolate wrist strap and chocolate side straps
-press clean (new) dish towel into 'almost set' chocolate to create (leather) texture.
-press carved pieces onto iced cake and lay large pieces over top/sides of cake, peel away wax paper (work quickly and with the least amount of handling or chocolate will deform and melt)
-'glue' individual pieces together with melted chocolate
-create 'bellows' with sharp skewer. Run along chocolate icing in parallel lines
-add edible silver balls to be rivets
-buttons (base and keyboard) are white chocolate
Cake decorated by Debbie Budd from Canada

Baby Grand Piano Cake

baby grand piano cakeThis cake was for my BFF's birthday. She loves to play the piano and has a black baby grand in her apartment! So I decided to build this cake for her birthday. Made with pound cake, buttercream and black fondant. Rose is a craft embellishment and sheet music was handmade.
Decorated by Carrie Shipton from Fond du Lac, WI

If you've decorated any musical instrument cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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