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Hat cakes come in all forms from bonnets to cowboy hats to magic hats. There's one for every occasion whether it's a party, a sport or just to reflect your individuality. Why not capture the birthday recipient's personality with a cake suited to fit him/her?

Mom's Yellow Roses Hat Cake

mom's yellow roses hat cakeHere's how I made the Yellow Roses Hat Cake:

1. First, I baked two cakes. Bottom was 10" and top was 6". Bottom was pretty thin and baked top to rise.

2. Iced both the cakes with a very thin layering of buttercream. Rolled the white fondant to a little more that 1/16th of thickness and covered both the cakes seperately.

3. Then I placed the smaller cake on the top and made a fondant bow to cover the bottom.

4. I made the fondant roses about four days before doing the cake so that they would dry. Then placed the roses and leaves, also previously done, onto the cake and used vanilla to stick the leaves.

5. Finally, I made the buttercream dots on the border.

Cake decorated by Kalpita Mokashi from Milford, CT

Cowboy Hat 21st Birthday Cake

cowboy hat 21st birthday cakeI made this cowboy hat cake for my niece for her 21st birthday!!!

We are huge country music fans and love Garth Brooks (which is what the G stands for)
I made a mud cake base and built the hat up on the inside with layers of mud cake and gnash which I made a stencil on tracing paper before I molded hat to make sure it was a perfect fit.

The hat itself is bakels plastic icing rolled out and molded over a full size plastic dress up cowboy hat which I then let set for a day. I covered the hat in cling wrap so it wouldn't stick to the icing.

I then added the ribbon, silver sugar balls around rim (no idea what they are called lol), the key and the G which I painted with silver edible paint and dusted the whole hat with a silver shimmer dusting powder.

When I constructed the hat to the cake I simply turned it upside down took the hat out of the icing mould and placed the mould over the iced mud cake.

When I did this the sides of the hat dropped a little and cracked which I patched up with a paste (glue) I made with a little water and left over icing, which made it look like a worn hat I think, and once the "glue" had set I re dusted the parts that were repaired. I placed tooth picks all along each side of hat and left it for the night to set and took the tooth picks out just before I bought it out to show everyone and it held up well!

The writing on the board is just candy letters I found at the supermarket.
All up it took me about 9 hours (kneading rolling molding baking etc)
But I am proud of my FIRST attempt at cake decorating!!!!!!!!!

Decorated by Mandy W from Australia

Whimsical Topsy Turvy Hat Cake

whimsical topsy turvy hat cakeThis Whimsical Topsy Turvy hat cake was for Reagan's 1st Birthday! The base was angled in on all sides and the top hat is made out of six 6 inch round cakes stacked precariously high! A support dowel ran down the center to keep it together. There are 6 extra support dowels on the bottom tier to support the hat. The cake is iced in buttercream and covered in fondant. All of the decorations are fondant even the hand sculpted curly cue candles and the #1. I was nervous on the long delivery, but it made it to the birthday party with no problems!

top view of hat cake

Cake decorated by Sidney Galpern from Melbourne, Florida

Magic Hat Cake

magic hat cakeThe bottom is a sheet cake. The hat is 3 rounds...covered in fondant. The rabbit is made from the ball pan and his ears, cards and accents are made from gum paste.
Cake decorated by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

Magic Hat with Rabbit Cake

magic hat with rabbit cakeThe body of the hat are two 9 inch round cakes (from a mix) and the brim of the hat was a cookie (also premade dough) and dyed with black color paste before baked. The hat is frosted with canned frosting dyed black. (If you cannot tell, I work full time!) My efforts went toward making the fondant wand, gloves, rabbit, cards and name placques, which I made a week in advance. The fondant pieces were all decorated with edible markers. The entire cake was edible. You cannot tell at this angle, but there was a white fondant strip around the brim of the hat to mimic a satin band. Obviously, the theme of the party was centered around a magician, who ended up cancelling on us due to weather. But at least my son still had a cool themed cake.
Cake decorated by Crystal Slagley from Roswell, GA

If you've decorated any hat cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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