Gift Package and Gift Box Cakes

gift package cakes and gift box cakes

Gift package cakes, gift box cakes and present cakes are either single square tiers tied with a bow or a tiered cake with a bow on top. Here are a few different ideas to try on your own.

Sweet Birthday Package Cake for Mom

gift package cake for momI made this cake for my mother-in-law's birthday.

It is a 3 layer vanilla cake, filled with buttercream frosting and crumb coated with buttercream, then finished with white chocolate fondant colored pink.

Achieving the embossed look:
I colored the fondant pink and then rolled it out to 1/4" thickness using a marble rolling pin. The fondant was then rolled again with an embossed pin to achieve the base pattern. Antique Silk luster dust was mixed with vodka and painted onto the fondant to give the sheen.

The fondant bows & ribbons were made several days in advance and also brushed with luster dust (Antique silk), but this time in the dry form.

The ribbons & loops were assembled & attached with royal icing. Royal icing dots were piped along the edges of most of the bows and ribbons, some were left plain.

Small royal icing flowers were pushed into the base of the cake around the board to complete.

She loved it!

Decorated by Debbie from San Marcos, TX

A Gift of Flowers Cake

gift of flowers cakeThis is a two tier cake..with a fondant gift box on the top layer, covered in fondant flowers.
Decorated by Dottie from Landover, Maryland

Present Cake

present cakeEverything on the present cake is edible. The cake is a white cake. A thin layer of buttercream icing is underneath the Fondant. The bow is made of Gum Paste and Pink shimmer dust. Everything else is fondant.
Decorated by Mary Neiderlander from Middletown, MA

Blue & Brown Ribbons Present Cake

blue and brown ribbons present cakeColoured my fondant blue. Coloured brown strips of fondant, twisted them on dowel rods to get the curlicules. Made a 10" square chocolate cake. Lightly coated it with buttercream. Then covered with my blue fondant. Made big strips of brown fondant & attached to the cake using water in a "cross format". Made a big bow with ribbons spiked at the edges, added them with the curlicules. There u've the cake for my 27th birthday. I make cakes for a living(WOW! Cakes, Nigeria)
Decorated by by Lawson Omoruyi from Benin City, Nigeria

Birthday Present Cake

birthday present cakeMy best friend comes to me about making a birthday cake for her two boys whose birthday is within a month. Her niece also has a birthday within this time. She wants to try her hand at a fondant covered cake. I have never done this before. I always do just regular iced cakes. She wants my help. So, we both do some research on working wiht fondant. We find a good receipe for Marshmallow fondant. She goes ahead and makes the fondant in a variety of colors but needs my help with covering the bigger cakes. Her and her niece make three 4X4 cakes and cover and decorate them. Those turn out awesome. Well, I cover the other two cakes and decorate them. This cake turned out a lot better than I anticipated. I think that if I make any other cakes then I will cover them in fondant. It was so much fun.
Decorated by Danielle from Pelzer, SC

6 Year Old Girl's Birthday Cake

6 year old girl's birthday cakeThis cake is easy. Square cake, buttercream icing, fondant cutouts of circles and 6's. I made the bow using Gum Paste. It holds it's shape stronger if you use Gum Paste. I made the cake the day before. The bow was made in about 15 minutes and was air brushed pink with white eatable glitter brushed on after pink color dried. It took about an hour to decorate cake.
Decorated by Mary Neiderlander from Middletown, MD

60th Birthday Chocolate Gift Box Cake

60th birthday chocolate gift box cake3 Very good quality packet mud cakes.
Chocolate Ganache to cover:
300g dark chocolate, chopped
1 cup cream
1 tablespoon butter (makes it glossy)
Heat cream until scalding add chopped chocolate and wisk add softened butter and whisk.
Semi cool and then cover cake.
Prepare earlier and dry. Made out of 'Plastic' (fondant icing) Look up this on net. Formed loops of bow around 2 pieces of pillow filling covered in cling wrap. cut out ties and draped them over pencils to create the folds.
Stuck real ribbon to it with wet fondant

Royal icing:
1 egg white
250gm pure icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

Piped royal icing round bottom to match ribbon colour. Also wrote name on square of white fondant to look like a present tag

Bought fondant edible flowers from cake decorating shop to top it.

Decorated by Jodi from Australia

Birthday Present Cake

birthday present cakeThis is chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, and then I flavoured the fondant with some mint oil. After colouring the fondant all the colours I would need, I covered the base cake and decorated with cut out circles of fondant, applied with a dab of water and the "ribbons", then I piped red dots & a yellow ruffle in royal icing. The top tier was decorated the same way and a red ruffle border and white royal icing dots.

I let the fondant bow loops dry then secured them with royal icing to the center of the top tier. And hey presto - a festive birthday cake that was made for a 15 year old girl! She loved it

Decorated by Debbie from San Marcos, TX

Bow Cake

bow cakeThis cake is covered with my favorite- dark chocolate fondant! I then made a "ribbon" with vanilla fondant colored bright pink (long enough to go around each tier- about 1 1/2 inches wide). I then used a small circle cutter to make dots around each "ribbon."
Cake decorating idea by Carrie Guenther from Wooster, Ohio

If you've decorated any gift box cakes or present cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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