Gift Box Baby Shower Cakes

gift box baby shower cakes

Gift box baby shower cakes make great containers for anything baby related you want to put in them: toys, pacifiers, bottles, etc. Gift box cakes can adapt to any occasion, but we love what these cake decorators have done with them here.

Pink and White Baby Shower Gift Cakes

gift box baby shower cakeTo make Casey's baby shower cake, I baked two half sheet cakes and cut both in half, used 3 layers for large gift, then used last layer and cut it in half, added another layer of cake from freezer to make smaller gift.

The lower tier is covered in a pastel pink fondant, the top in white. Once covered in fondant, the top tier was set on an angle to the lower square tier at one corner.

Then a fondant swag was placed from one corner of the top tier all along the edge of that tier and draping down the bottom of the lower tier. A second drape started from the same spot but comes down the other corner of the lower tier.

At one corner, you see white baby shoes made from gum paste. 2 gum paste roses, one in pink and one in yeloow were added on the top of the second tier. Small rosebuds are scattered around the cake.

The top tier has a white ribbon and bow edged in yellow. Using white and yellow gum paste, 2 strips of yellow were cut and placed next to a strip of white. Then they were rolled together. Cut off the yellow gum paste on either side to leave a thin stripe on both sides of the white.

Place a strip going from the bottom middle of one side of the top tier over to the bottom of the opposite side. Repeat on the next side of the cake so you have the ribbon intersecting at the top.

Make the gum paste loopy bow in advance. Cut off strips of your white and yellow gum paste and hang them over a ribbon dryer, pinching the two ends together. When dry, assemble the pieces by placing white chocolate in the middle and then putting 4 loop ends down into the chocolate. The next layer of loops gets put in on their sides. Repeat until the bow is full and attach to the top of the cake when dry.

Submitted by Kris from Miami

A Gift for Baby Cake

gift for baby cakeThe gift for baby cake was a strawberry cake coated with buttercream then covered with fondant which I tinted blue. I cut the circles from fondant that I colored green, yellow and pale blue. I embossed the pale blue fondant with an embossing pin prior to cutting out.

The "tissue paper" was created by rolling the fondant and embossing with the embossing pin, I shaped it and let it dry over flower formers before applying it to the top edge of the cake.

The "lid" is a thin layer of strawberry cake, again covered in fondant with colored fondant circles added. I made the "BABY" letters from piping a royal icing outline and flooding in the letters. When they were dry I piped lines, dots, and small "T's" on the letters (T for baby Tylon). The letters were applied to the lid with a little royal icing and then I piped blue leaves (royal icing) around the bases of the letters and added a few sugar flowers. I piped tip # 3 plain dots in sets of 3 between the fondant circles.

After sitting the cake on the board, I applied ribbon "IT'S A BOY" around the board base, piped a border at the bottome edge of the cake and edge of the cake board in royal icing and flooded the board with a thinned royal icing. A ruffle border was added to the base of the cake board and the edge of the lid.

After trial and tribulation I decided the way to prop the lid open - so it would look like an open gift box with exposed tissue paper, would be to place a small half circle of styrofoam behind the "tissue paper" so that the styrofoam would bear the weight of the lid. It worked!

Submitted by Debbie from San Marcos, Texas

Twins Cake

twins cakeThis twins cake is comprised of two square cakes, each covered with white fondant.

The bottom tier is trimmed on the bottom with a blue strip of fondant. The same blue fondant comes up from the middle of each side of the square to create the look of a present.

Then the smaller square tier is placed on top at an angle to the bottom tier. The bottom of this tier is trimmed with a pink fondant strip. Pink fondant strips also come up the sides of the middle, just as with the bottom tier.

The top of the box is a piece of foam cut to the same size as the top tier. It was then covered in white fondant and pink fondant strips were crisscrossed on the top and down the sides.

A pink, loopy gum paste bow was created in advance to allow for drying time and then attached to the lid of the box.

The lid was propped open to create the look of an open gift box by laying one end of the lid on the edge of the top tier and holding the lid up with dowels that were stuck into the top tier. This is all hidden by the white gum paste tissue paper.

The gum paste tissue paper was created by rolling out white gum paste very thin and cutting it into squares. Then each square was picked up by the center and the ends of the square brought together just as you would do with a handkerchief. These were allowed to dry. You can hold their shape better by sticking actual tissue paper in between the folds. Remove when the gum paste tissue paper is dry.

Then place the gum paste tissue paper on top of the top tier, placing them all around and on top of one another to fill up the open space.

The gum paste monkey, giraffe and baby bottles were made in advance. The monkey and giraffe flank the sides of the top tier. Some of the gum paste baby bottles were placed in with the gum paste tissue paper, others were placed around the monkey and giraffe.

Submitted by Carly from Washington

Blue and Brown Gift Box Cake

blue and brown gift box baby shower cakeThe top tier of the blue and brown baby shower cake is vanilla with cherries and strawberry icing covered with white fondant blue and brown polka dots.

The top of the cake features a blue bow with brown and white curls. The bow was created by cutting out long, thin strips of gum paste in blue, folding them over to make both ends meet and attaching the end to a wire. They were turned on their sides to dry. When dry, they were assembled to create a loopy bow by starting with the bottom loops and adding more until the bow filled in in the middle.

The letters I cut out by hand and used thin wire to hold them in place above the bow.

The curls were created by wrapping thin strips of gum paste around a pencil and sliding them off. Leave them to dry.

The second tier is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting covered in brown fondant with blue fondant strips to make it look like a present.

The bottom tier is chocolate cake with vanilla frosting covered with blue fondant and white fondant strips placed to look like a present.

The cake board is surrounded by scrunched up light blue tulle.

Submitted by Danielle Ruiz

If you've made any gift box baby shower cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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