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gadget cakes - iPod, Mac, cell phone

Here are gadget cakes that include the MacIntosh logo, cellular phones and an iPod.

Mac Cake

mac cakeThis cake is a buttermilk cake with buttercream frosting. I used a cutout of the Mac logo and blue Wilton icing color mixed with the buttercream frosting to draw the logo. I then used a decorating triangle to make the horizontal lines on the side and filled them in with the same blue frosting. This cake was made for a person who loves everything Mac.
Cake decorated by Kristina Lofstrom from Fairfax, VA

iPod Cake

ipod cakeI iced the bottom layer white and used cut squares in green and hot pink fondant. I used fondant to cover the ipod and made the dial out of white fondant and used edible ink for the menu and play keys. I embossed the circle with a melon baller tool. I iced the screen black and iced the side black where the usb cord enters and cord enters. I formed white fondant into the earphones and placed a mento for the earpiece. I then used twizzlers for the cord. It was a fun project! Enjoy!

Cake decorated by Daphne from New Port Richey, FL

Mobile Phone Cake

mobile phone cakeI made this cake for my nephews birthday.

I used a 14 inch oblong tin.
3 cake butter cake mixes
chocolate buttercream icing.

I made this phone out of chocolate and then covered it with fondant icing then cut out numbers from the fondant icing used silver colour for the numbers. Got a picture and laminated it to put in the centre.

Cake decorated by Rose Wiggins from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Texting Cake

texting cakeI made this happy birthday text cake for a friends birthday. She is Always on her phone and Always texting. We thought it would be funny to make her a "phone" cake. I took a picture of her phone and replicated it out of cake. For the top screen part, I baked 2 9x13" cakes. They were oreo with an oreo cream filling. I staked them together then iced them in chocolate frosting. I covered them in black fondant. For the screen, I cut a large rectangle out of blue fondant and layered it on top of the black fondant. For the bottom numbers, I made 2 more 9x13" cakes. I filled them and iced them in chocolate also. I covered them in gray fondant and turned them vertical so they created the bottom of the phone. Her phone is the one you can watch TV on so the screen swings out to be horizontal to the bottom part. That's how I made the cake look. I then piped all the details on. I made the text, number keys and even added the side details of her phone. To finish it off, I piped around the whole thing in black colored icing. I added a dragonfly since she loved them.

Cake decorated by Kristienne Bottorf from Choreographed Cakes Davenport, FL

If you've made any gadget cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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