Fashion Cakes and Cupcakes

fashion cakes and cupcakes

These fashion cakes and cupcakes cover clothing, shoes and make-up items women love to have on their cakes.

Make-up Cupcakes

make-up cupcakeA little lipstick can make a girl feel ever-so special".
This little cupcake was inspired for a 5-year old Spa Party.
For the lipstick, I used a chocolate mold for the case,
and then used a gumdrop, cut it in the shape of the
lipstick. Dusted the case with a little edible glitter
and she's good to go anywhere with her friends.
We added a little royal rose, and a cute little Cupcake
Cuddler dress finshed off the look.

Cupcakes decorated by Carol Pawlak from Castaic, CA

High Heel Shoe

high heel shoe cakeThis was a fun cake! I made a vanilla cake and iced it with cream cheese frosting. Covered the entire cake with fondant and crafted the shoe using a template I drew on graph paper. The sole of the shoe was left to dry on florist foam covered with saran wrap. Once it was dry, I added the sides and heel with tinted royal icing and applied the dots with the same.

The young woman who was the recipent of the cake would not allow anybody to have a piece of cake - she could not bare to cut into it!

Cake decorated by Shelley Wilson from Calgary, AB, Canada

Diva Cupcakes

diva cupcakesI made these for some ladies. So I made these cupcakes to tell fun, style and glamour. Each cupcake has its own unique look and technique in decorating, enjoy!

Spa Cake

spa cakeThis is a sheet cake. The face is made from the egg pan. I hand molded the details such as the nose and cheeks. I then covered the face in fondant.. I painted the details on the face. The make-up is chocolate.
Cake decorated by Margie F. from Charles Town, WV

Purse Fashionista Cake

front of purse cakeThis was my First Purse Fashionista Cake-
Is 3 sheet cakes stacked and trimmed to size needed for cake and frosted and filled with marshmallow buttercream. Did small indentation cuts on sides to give bag more realistic look once fondant got put on.

I put cake in freezer while I made sides of cake-
Measured each side and cut according to size requirements to fit and added a 1 inch top for the top of the bag. Placed 1 inch brown strip on each top and used circle cutter to cut out white rivets that I dusted in silver luster dust.
Used a stitching tool to make texture of bag.
side of purse cakeTo get Rivet holes used a medium to large size icing tip hole to cut all the way through the 3 layers at once to make holes look more clean.

Let sides all dry for a few hours then added to cake-
Top of cake I covered in pink fondant

Used white fondant and brown fondant to make zipper did zig zag pattern with cutter to give zipper effect- then used silver luster dust to make zipper silver.

handle of purse cakeThe fabric look going in and out of holes is brown and pink fondant rolled thin and then wrapped together and put into holes

The brown edging I used a craft extruder gun with big hole tip and glued pieces to cake with gum glue.

I measured and cut handles and let them to dry like I did the sides then glued them to cake with gum glue and let them fall naturally.

The bow was a quick simple bow and the pocket I made using a circle cutter and trimming off the top- Painted it with a quick cheetah design and used a small strip of thin fondant and frilled it with tooth pick for ruffle edge.

bow detail on purse cakeShoe-
Found online shoe template and cut pieces out of fondant with cutter and glued them together as directions stated and let dry for 4 days.  

I looked at my own makeup and tried to replicate the best I could with fondant- let it dry for 3 days so it could harden.

Cake decorated by Stephanie Logsdon from Finley, OH

If you've decorated any Fashion Cakes or Cupcakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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