Earth Cakes

planet earth cakes

Here are two planet Earth cakes, one created with a sphere cake and the other on a round cake.

Earth Cake and Cupcakes

Earth cake and cupcakesI did this cake and cupcakes for a going away party in honor of a woman traveling to Africa to work in an orphanage. I made the earth using a ball pan set, and stacked it on top of the round cake. I decorated the ball cake to look like our world, and then I put two little flags on it- one in America, to stand for her here in New York, and then one in the African country where she was going on the other side of the world. Then, around the round cake, I piped little African children holding hands. The guest of honor's name was also on the side of the cake, with the nearest children's hands extended towards it.

For added servings, I also did the earth cupcakes, decorated with blue, white, and green buttercream to match the cake.

Cake decorated by Julie M. from Rochester, NY

Planet Earth Cake

planet earth cakeThis very simple planet earth cake was made by taking two 9"rounds,sandwiching them together, and then putting the green land cut out stencils on top of the cake as a guide. Ice the rest of the cake with blue meringue icing. After it sets, do the green icing.
Decorated by Ruchi from Chennai, India

Here is a video demonstrating how to construct an Earth cake by carving cake to create half the globe and using styrofoam to form the other half:

If you've decorated any Earth cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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