Chocolate Frosted Cakes

chocolate decadence cake

Here are chocolate frosted cakes, some adorned with chocolate decorations such as chocolate curls, leaves and swirls.

Others just have chocolate frosting as the backdrop for other types of decorations.

Chocolate Decadence Cake

chocolate decadence cakeI made my much loved chocolate decadence cake, covered with chocolate icing, drizzled dark and white chocolate and added 2-3 strawberries for more color. Goes well with cold glass of milk or fresh coffee.

This is a quick and easy cake solution to make just to have dessert any day of the week or if you suddenly find out company is coming. You can simply melt chocolate chips that you have in your baking cabinet, fill a piping bag and pipe any kind of design you want. Drizzling is even faster, and while the chocolate is nice and warm, you just let it fall from a spoon while you move your hand in a zig zag motion back and forth across the cake. The white chocolate gives it some more definition.

Cake decorated by Kris from Miami

Chocolate Leaf and Scroll Cake

chocolate leaf and scroll cakeThis is a two tier dark chocolate cake iced and decorated in chocolate fudge buttercream. The cake is completely edible, even including the chocolate leaves and scrolls cascading down the side. The monogram is also made out of chocolate. There is cornelli lace design on the top of each tier and bottom bead piping to finish things off.
Decorated by Julie M. from Rochester, NY

Spicy Brownie Chocolate Cake

spicy brownie chocolate cakeI found candy molds for chili peppers, so using red and green-colored white chocolate, I made the chili pepper decorations. I made a sheet cake using a good quality brownie mix plus 1/2 tsp. cayenne powder.

For the frosting:

4 egg whites, room temperature
1 cup sugar
2 cubes butter
4 oz. unsweetened chocolate
1 tsp. vanilla.

Combine egg whites and sugar in a stainless steel mixing bowl. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly, over medium heat until hot. Be careful, hold edge with pot holder. When the mixture is hot, beat with whisk attachment until the egg whites and sugar are white and fluffy. Slowly add pieces of room temperature butter that has been cut into pieces, mixing constantly until all the butter is added. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate and set aside. When the buttercream is finished, pour in the chocolate and blend thoroughly. Add vanilla. Cover tightly and refrigerate until buttercream is firm enough to spread. Spread over the cake. Add the pepper decorations around the sides. Chill until set.

Cake idea by Patricia Schraier from Venice CA

Chocolate Quaisimoto Cake

chocolate quasimoto cakeChocolate Quaismoto cake created for Cesar's 18th birthday cake. The cake is composed of 3 layers of chocolate cake with strawberry filling. Decorated with chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, a strawberry, a molded chocolate "18" and a piped butterscotch Quasimoto.

Just find a picture of Quasimoto in google images, print it out, and place either a transfer sheet or plastic wrap over it. Tape the transfer sheet or plastic wrap down in place. Then pipe the outline of the photo in melted semi-sweet chocolate. Fill in the body of Quasimoto with melted butterscotch chips. Depending on the other colors in your particular picture, use the colored candy melts to fill in the rest of the design. Place the design in the freezer to set. When set, remove the transfer sheet or plastic wrap and place the picture on the cake.

Cake decorating idea by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

60th Birthday Chocolate Mud Cake

60th birthday chocolate mud cake3 Very good quality packet mud cakes.
Chocolate Ganache to cover:
300g dark chocolate, chopped
1 cup cream
1 tablespoon butter (makes it glossy)
Heat cream until scalding add chopped chocolate and wisk add softened butter and whisk.
Semi cool and then cover cake.
Prepare earlier and dry. Made out of 'Plastic' (fondant icing) Look up this on net. Formed loops of bow around 2 pieces of pillow filling covered in cling wrap. cut out ties and draped them over pencils to create the folds.
Stuck real ribbon to it with wet fondant

Royal icing:
1 egg white
250gm pure icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

Piped royal icing round bottom to match ribbon colour. Also wrote name on square of white fondant to look like a present tag

Bought fondant edible flowers from cake decorating shop to top it.

Cake made by Jodi from Australia

1920s Cake

1920s cakeCodi's HUGE 20th birthday cake. 2 layers of 14 inch chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. Decorated with chocolate frosting and a piped chocolate version of the invitations for her party (1920's sheet music).

The design was created in melted chocolate. Use the same technique as for a buttercream transfer to replicate a picture. The clear transfer sheets are ideal for placing over a picture and tracing the image in piped chocolate.

Decorated by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

60th Birthday Cake

60th birthday cakeI made a two layer buttermilk sheet cake with chocolate frosting. I used a picture that I found online to create the decoration on the top of the cake. I printed the picture, cut around the edge and pressed the cut out paper on the top of the cake to create the outline. By using pre-made black frosting in a piping bag, I followed the outline that I had made earlier. I was able to create the rest of the picture by looking at the original. I filled in the empty areas with pre-made white icing. I added the Happy 60th by hand with the same frosting. It was a huge hit at a very large birthday party.
Cake by Kristina Lofstrom from Fairfax, VA

21st Birthday Cake for Chocolate Lovers

21st birthday for chocolate loversThis cake is made up of 2 vanilla sponge rounds filled and coated with chocolate buttercream. I then put chocolate fingers and chocolate straws around the outside, alternating them. The top of the cake was then covered with chocolate shavings made by grating a bar of chocolate. I then placed on a variety of different chocolates, chocolate truffles and hand-made gumpaste roses. The cake was finished by using some letter cutters to spell out Happy 21st on the board. A truly scrumptious cake.

Brownie Cake

brownie cakeThis brownie cake was made for Corey's 18th birthday "cake." It's 2 layers of chocolate brownie with a layer of cookie dough in the middle. Decorated with chocolate frosting, white piping, chocolate chips, sprinkles and strawberries.

You can use a layer of brownie with other types of cake. You can even take a brownie mix and add an extra egg to the recipe to lighten it up and give it a cake texture. I like to make a cake with brownie on the bottom (I put it on the bottom because it's dense and heavy) then cheesecake in the middle. I actually bake the brownie with the cheesecake mix poured directly on top of the brownie. Then I put white chocolate cream cheese icing in the middle and finally, I top the cake with a regular chocolate cake. This combination is amazing and satisfies every type of chocolate lover.

Made by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

If you've made any chocolate frosted cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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