Charity Event Cakes

charity event cakes

Few things are as gratifying as making charity event cakes for people in need and seeing the smile on their faces in return.

It's a way to share our art and provide hope for those who don't have as much of it. Here are some cakes from charity events gone by.

Habitat for Humanity Home

habitat for humanity home cakeI made this cake for the volunteers who built a home for my daughter and grandchildren. It was my way of thanking them. Everything is edible fondant except the wooden stairs and the porch pillars. I Carved the cake to an exact replica of my daughters new home. The cake is four tiers. The shingle were made with fondant and airbrushed to resemble the actual shingles on the home. I hand painted the windows and the trees are fondant as well. Habitat For Humanity is a fantastic organization! Anyone who may feel the need to donate to a good cause should consider this charity.
Cake decorated by Mary Neiderander from Middletown, MD

Charity Ball Cake

charity ball cakeThe charity ball organizers wanted a show stopper for their do, they asked me to make it in the charities colors (navy red and royal blue) it needed to feed about 200 people, I must say I had agreed to make this cake when I believed the guest list was more like 40!!! The shock when they said 200 nearly killed me, but on with the show I thought lets give it a whirl, so I made 4 cakes all round fruit cakes in sizes 12", 10", 8" and lastly 6", I then marzipanned each cake and allowed to dry overnight, I home colored the 3 colors of fondant icing using coloring pastes. i did a basic cake cover icing layer on each cake, the i decided on the patterns, I cut out the stripes and attached to 2nd layer by lightly wetting the stripe and cake first, when all done I used a straw to make circle indents all over the bottom layer (hard to see in pic) then I got a smooth edge round cookie cutter in diffferent sizes and cut out contrasting circles and attached to the 1st tier in the same way as the stripes, then the 3rd layer I used an oval shape cutter and a smaller cutter to make cut outs and attached in the same way again, I used vertical stripes on the top layer with matching balls inbetweeen the stripes. each layer was finished with contrasting balls made out of fondant icing. The topper was made using fondant icing rolled to about 1/4 inch and then cut using shaped cookie cutters they were then pushed onto florists wire (which was pre shaped) and left for about 3 days to dry completely (I made this ahead of time) I pushed a posy pick with oasis in it into the top tier of the cake and then inserted all the wires the oasis lets you choose how to position each and every wire, which was important for this cake as I had to do initials which had to stay in order!
Cake decorated by Tamara from Plymouth, UK

Barack Obama Hope Cake

Barack Obama Hope Cake1 layer of white cake on top of a layer of chocolate cake with chocolate filling and buttercream frosting. Decorated with Barack Obama dawn in chocolate, white piping and red sprinkles. The design on top is drawn in merckens chocolate (used in molds).
Cake decorated by Lauren Stockly, Montrose, CA

Invisible Children Charity Cake

invisible children charity cake2 layer chocolate cake for the Invisible Children Foundation’s “Rescue Event.” Decorated with chocolate frosting, red piping. The design on top is drawn in merckens chocolate (used in molds).
Decorated by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

If you've made any cakes for charity events, please submit them to our gallery.

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