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Boys baby shower cakes are usually blue, as you might expect, but the themes vary from nursery rhymes to bottles and booties to animals. Here are a variety of boys' cakes submitted to this site.

Brown and Blue Baby Shower Cake

brown and blue baby shower cakeThe top layer of this brown and blue shower cake is vanilla cake filled with strawberry filling. The bottom cake is white chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream.

Each cake is triple layered and covered in chocolate fondant. I used pam cooking spray with a brush to give the cake a glossy shine. The sides of the lower tier are decorated with stripes in blue and white fondant strips. I used cookie cutters to cut out the colored fondant dots which are shown on the 2nd tier. I trimmed the cake with chocolate icing and used non-edible booties for a topper and used baby shower pins and bottle and tied ribbon around them to match the cake and attached with royal icing and floral wire.

Submitted by Tracy Mcfarlin from Mesquite, Texas

Baby's Laundry Cake

baby's laundry cakeThe baby's laundry cake set the theme of the shower which was a Clothes Line of Baby Clothes. So I made this basket of baby clothes laundry. It was made from a sheet cake and I cut out the 'baby clothes' from fondant.

As you can see from the shape of the cake, I cut off the corners of the sheet cake and made them rounded to create the shape of an oval basket. The frosted cake is covered in white fondant before adding the details.

I used the basket weave technique for the sides of the basket in blue royal icing. You will see a onesie, a baby hat, a pair of socks, a bib, and a rattle, which are all made from fondant. The items around the cake are items I found at the Party Store. If you look closely you'll see that these small clothing items are hanging from string. The string is draping down from wooden clothes pins all around the edge of the cake.

The cake sits atop a board that was covered with a coordinating wrapping paper.

I hope you enjoy it!

Submitted by Mary Jo Ter Meer from Chino Hills, CA

Blue Elephant Baby Shower Cake

blue elephant baby shower cakeThis is another one of my buttermilk cakes. Everyone really likes this cake so I was asked to make it for a baby shower. It is a three layer cake with cream cheese frosting. I drew a blue elephant on top using the same frosting and Wilton icing colors and added the words "It's A Boy!".

On the side I used a decorating triangle to make the vertical lines and then added different colored blocks with letters of contrasting colors which were cut using tappits to resemble the wooden blocks like the kind you had when you were a kid. It was a big hit at the baby shower!

Submitted by Kristina Lofstrom from Fairfax, VA

Blue Boys' Baby Shower Cake

blue boys baby shower cakeTo create Ethan's baby shower cake, I used a 10 in square pan, baked a homemade chocolate cake, (to die for!), covered it with buttercream icing, then colored the fondant blue. I covered the cake with fondant, then with pre-colored fondant, using cookie cutters. I cut out 2 each of a bunny and a duck, applied them to opposing corners. I used fondant letters for the name, using tappits. There was a defect on the bottom of the cake, so I added the ribbon to cover it up.

The accompanying little cake boxes were simply squares cut from a sheet cake that were frosted with buttercream and then covered with fondant. Some were covered in white, some blue, some yellow and then they were tied with some blue ribbon to make them look like little presents.

Guests were pleased, and the soon to be Grandma was ecstatic.

Submitted by Kris McCarthy from Miami, Florida

Cow Jumped Over the Moon Cake

cow jumped over the moon cakeThe Cow Jumped Over the Moon Cake features 2 tiers, the bottom one 12" and the top one 10". Each tier was frosted with blue buttercream icing.

The bottom border is piped with a #32 star tip to create a shell border.

The border between the two tiers is made with fondant balls, alternating blue and green. To make the balls all the same size, I first rolled out a long sausage length of fondant, then cut the sausage into equally sized pieces. Then each cut piece was rolled into a ball.

Both the stars on the side of the cake and the circles were cut in yellow fondant using cutters.

The decorations on top of the cake were made from gum paste. Each decoration has a skewer inserted to stand it up on the cake. When the cow was dry, the details were hand painted with a mixture of powdered food coloring and vodka.

And that completes the cow jumped over the moon cake.

Submitted by Linda Maglio from Alpharetta, Georgia

Caterpillar Baby Shower Cake

caterpillar baby shower cakeI made this gigantic Caterpillar Baby Shower Cake for my sister-in-law's baby shower. I made three, 12 inch diameter, round cakes and carved them into the shape of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I filled and covered each cake with buttercream frosting, then covered it with a pale green fondant and painted it with green gel icing tint. The face is a rich, red-colored buttercream frosting, with eyes, nose and mouth piped on. Using a flower tip (#24 I think) I covered the caterpillar's belly in yellow buttercream frosting. Using dark green frosting, I piped lines on the body for wrinkles and to hide the seams between cakes. With the same dark green frosting, using tip #24, I piped a trim around the base of cake at green fondant edge. The night before; I used royal icing to make feet (with toothpicks inserted for support when inserted into belly) & multi-colored sticks to represent the colored hairs on the caterpillar's back.

A funny story:

My mother-in-law is a sugar-aholic. She was watching and helping when I was assembling the cake. Whenever she thought I was not looking, she would steal the broken royal icing sticks I made for the caterpillar's back. But to her surprise, she bit on one very hard one. She says "Ow, Crystal, this one is hard and tastes awful!" I told her "Claire, I put toothpicks in the bag too." We all laughed very hard...

Submitted by Crystal Shattuck from Tonawanda, NY



Baby Boy Cake

baby boy cakeThis baby boy cake is a 2 tiered chocolate and yellow cake. Each tier was frosted with blue buttercream icing and then the tiers were stacked.

The bottom borders of each tier were made by piping stars in white buttercream icing.

The blankets are made of gum paste, rolled very thin. A small round tip was used to fringe the cover blanket. The yellow stripes on the blanket were drawn on with a yellow food coloring marker. The baby is sleeping on a pink pillow that was shaped from fondant. The baby was made in a silicone baby mold and then the details to the baby's face were added with edible marker.

The cake was made a day in advance. The decorating took approximately 1 hour.

Submitted by Mary Neiderlander from Middletown, MD

3 Layer Boys Baby Shower Cake

3 layer high boys baby shower cakeUsing the #5 writing tip and the half circle shape I made the bibs, with a baby bottle cookie cutter the bottles, and the pacifier, free hand. chocolate cake decorations from chocolate melt molds. The booties were made from a bootie cutter, free hand pacifier, and the blanket. The styrofoam is covered in fondant.
Submitted by Waleska Jaquez from Methuen, MA

Green Frogs Cake

green frogs cakeTo make the green frogs cake, I covered an 8" tier cake with white fondant and a 9" tier cake with light green fondant.

On the lower tier, 1" yellow and green stripes are alternated around the sides. The bottom border is a long strip of green fondant that was cut with a pizza cutter.

On the top layer, I cut out circles in yellow and green with a fondant circle cut out set. The frogs are made from gum paste in advance and allowed to dry before placing on the cake.

To make the frogs, begin with a piece of green gum paste and roll it so it's round but elongated on the top where the head will be attached.

The head is shaped like a football. Make 2 small indentations at the top of the head where the eyes will go. Using a scribing tool, create the mouth. Place a toothpick through the head to insert it into the body. Take 2 small round circles of green gum paste, pinching one end to have something to insert into the indentations you made in the head for the eyes. Attach will a little gum glue.

Add 2 small circles of white gum paste on the eyes. (When dry, you can draw the pupils with a black food coloring pen).

Shape green gum paste to create the back legs. They will appear as though the legs are bent. Attach to the lower half of the frog's body on the sides. When in place, form the feet and attach to the legs.

Repeat the above process to create the frog's front legs, but these legs will be straight. The feet will all line up with the bottom of the body.

Submitted by Ruth Kelley from The Woodlands, TX

Elephant Baby Shower Cake

elephant baby shower cakeThis elephant baby shower cake was baked two 8 in cake layers & two 6 in cake layers. Then I filled & stacked the layers into two tiers. I carve the tiers to a slightly inverted shape (smaller on bottom than on top) as well as carve the top of each tier to a slight angle. Next I cover each tier in fondant (chocolate on the bottom tier & green MMF on the top). I then use a 6 in cake board to mark a circle on the center of the bottom tier center (where I will cut away the icing and cake to make the bottom tier level, giving it the topsy turvy "appearance"). Then I place dowels into the bottom tier to support the weight of the top tier. Next, the top tier is placed onto the bottom tier, with the angles going in opposite direction, adding to the topsy turvy effect. Then, the details are added to each tier - for the bottom tier, I hand painted the Carter elephants marching around the tier (which is how the nursery was decorated), and on top of that placed more chocolate and MMF fondant elephants, for a 3D effect. For the top tier, I cut circles using two sizes of cutting tools, and then applied them using extract and paintbrush. To finish the cake, I piped buttercream dots in brown, green & white around the bottom of each tier, added a green bow (with stitching detail), wires with fondant balls, and my signature sugar cookie toppers.
Cake decorated by Megan Williams from Elkhart, IN

If you've made any boys baby shower cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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