Baby Shower Cupcakes

baby shower cupcakes

Here are a few adorable baby shower cupcakes ideas you can try on your own.

Baby Shower Cupcakes

baby shower cupcakesAny of your favorite recipes can be used for the cupcakes. To make the baby flower faces, dye fondant the colors of your choice. The flowers are cut out with fondant daisy cutters. The faces are made by rolling little balls of peach colored fondant. The indentations for the eyes and mouth are made with the end of a straw. For the mouth, hold the straw parallel to the face and push up a little which gives the face some shape. Poke a hole with a toothpick where you want the nose and then glue a very small ball of peach fondant over it with vanilla extract. After the flowers have been cut out and have dried a little shape them in two layers around the face. The leaves are made from green fondant and cut out with a leaf cutter then veins are drawn on with a toothpick.
Submitted by Melody from Twin Falls, Idaho

Baby Face Cupcakes

baby face cupcakesThe baby shower cupcakes were made for a close friend who was having a baby shower party.

I made chocolate cupcakes and topped them with vanilla Italian buttercream, which was delicious!! I used fondant as the base for the babies and their stuff.

The babies heads, shoes, bottles and others were all made from fondant. And I had loads of fun making them!!

On the baby face cupcake, a head was made with flesh colored fondant, tinted with copper gel food color paste. When the fondant hardened, the eyebrows and mouth were drawn with a thin black food coloring pen. The pacifier in the baby's mouth is a small round piece of blue fondant which started as a ball and was flattened. Then the white piece of fondant created the end of the pacifier.

Next to the baby's head are the fondant hands which started as two small balls of flesh colored fondant. The look of fingers was created by indenting them with a knife.

The fondant blanket is a square of fondant that was trimmed along the outside with the stitching wheel and then fondant flowers and dots were placed on top in purple, yellow and blue.

The pacifier cupcakes are frosted in buttercream and trimmed with a shell border.

The fondant pacifier was created by making the pacifier ring with two different sized circle cutters. Then the mouthpiece of the pacifier was made with a flat circle of fondant with a round, elongated piece of fondant sticking up from the center to create the pacifier nipple.

Submitted by Farida from Selangor, Malaysia

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