Baby Cake Collection

baby cake collection

This baby cake collection consists of cakes that have pictures or figures of babies on them.

Baby Crib Cake

baby crib cakeThis baby cake features a large 12" square with a smaller 8" round tier stacked on top.

The square tier features white fondant which was given the look of baby feet by using an impression mat. The mat was rolled on top of the white fondant and then carefully patted on to the cake. The top tier has the same effect but in blue fondant.

Once the tiers were stacked, with the round tier set off to one side, the bottom tier was decorated with fondant buttons. Yellow, white and blue fondant circles each feature different colored buttons all along the side of the cake.

The base of the round tier is decorated with white, blue and yellow fondant circles.

The shoes you see were made with gum paste in advance and allowed to dry. The baby was formed using flesh colored gum paste in a silicone mold.

The baby cot was made with royal icing and lollipop sticks.

A baby was placed in the center of the round cake and covered with a white fondant blanket. Then the crib made from the lollipop sticks was placed around the baby.

Baby Girl Cake

baby girl cakeThe cake is made of a moist chocolate cake then the icing is made of a royal icing and the cake decorations are ready made that you can find in a store.
Submitted by Jimmy Allen Uy from the Phillipines



Baby Boy Cake

baby boy cakeI made a normal butter cake and decorated with buttercream icing using a star tip for most of the body and then outlining the entire cake with black icing using a #4 round tip.
Submitted by Nishauthayan

Buttercream Baby Cake

buttercream baby cakeThis is a baby boy cake it is made with butter cream icing stars.
Submitted by Leslie Capps from Wake Forest, NC

Sculpted Baby Cake

sculpted baby cakeThis sculpted baby cake was my first ever cake with a figure on top. The baby body was shaped by hand out of rice crispy treats. Then I made the face out of gum paste and covered the whole thing in rolled fondant.

The body of the baby is covered in a pale yellow fondant and then the designs on the baby's pajamas were hand drawn with a black food coloring pen.

A bunched up piece of purple fondant creates both the elastic band on the sleeves and the legs of the pajamas.

Ruffled purple fondant creates the collar of the baby's pajamas.

Purple fondant was used to create the baby's booties.

The purple hat is tied at the neck with a string of yellow fondant.

I then hand painted the face. The white pacifier was added later. Next to the baby's hand is a rattle made from gum paste.

The cake was white cake with buttercream icing, covered in purple fondant that I textured with a paper towel and piped a fringe edge on in buttercream with a star tip.

I had a lot of fun making this cake and It has really expanded what I can do.

Submitted by Fran Quarles from Chattanooga, TN

Baby in a Blanket Cake

baby in a blanket cakeTo make the baby in a blanket cake, I used 3 cake mixes and made one large cupcake and loaf cake ahead of time out of one mix and froze them.

Then I purchased a very little duck cookie cutter and made little fondant ducks ahead of time. I used fondant for the face and blanket of the baby and buttercream icing for the base of the 9x13 cake. I colored fondant to skin tone and rolled out a circle double in size of the cupcake and formed it around the face tucking the extra underneath. Then I took another circle and cut about 1/3 off the form the bonnet. I cut strips of fondant to ruffle around the outer rim and cut strips for the ties. Then I cut 12x12 inch fondant for the blanket. I laid a very narrow strip on cardboard down to help support the baby head and the baby body. I then laid the fondant for the blanket and put the loaf cake into it and folded it like a blanket and laid that on the cake and then the baby head with the bonnet and attached to the baby blanket. I used food coloring pens for the features and I also made the pacifier out of fondant.

Submitted by Diana Chase from Wilsonville, Oregon

Girl Baby Shower Cake

girl baby shower cakeThis girl baby shower cake was made with a yellow cake recipe with dulce de leche and almonds for the filling.I covered the cake with pink marshmallow fondant.

The bottom tier is surrounded by small flowers made with a cutter. The centers are brown dots (the same icing used to pipe the message on the cake board).

At the base of the top tier, you have more flowers going around plus a single gum paste teddy bear on one side and on the other side, a momma teddy bear hugging the baby.

On the top tier, is a little baby girl made from gum paste. She sits on top of a fondant blanket that is composed of smaller squares of pink and white fondant.

Submitted by Cristina


Kasen's Baby Shower Cake

Kasen's baby shower cakeKasen's baby shower cake is made with marshmallow fondant tinted flesh color using copper gel paste food coloring. An 8" cake was used as the head and a 9" cake made up the body. One end of the 9" cake was cut straight to butt it up to the 8" cake, making the body seem attached to the head. Then the diaper was added in white fondant. The 9" pan was used as a guide to cut the round bottom end of the diaper so it would fit perfectly on the baby's bottom. Then the feet were added in flesh colored fondant. First the shape of the foot was cut and then the toes were added, which were small balls of fondant. I used a cake board to support the ears and feet, used a sucker stick and made a curl for the top of the head. The fondant arms sits directly on the cake board and were created from long sausage shaped pieces of fondant that where narrowed towards the top to sit against the baby's body. I used some petal dust to darken the belly button and other features, and of course he has a cleft in his chin so I had to add that detail! His Auntie Melissa Helped too!!!!
Submitted by Lori Davis from Craig, CO

If you've made any baby cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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