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Planning For Success

                One of the questions people (cake and non cake) ask me the most is how do I do it?  What they are referring to is that I work a full time day job then do all the cake related stuff like help organize Cake Carnival, act as sponsor coordinator for the Canadian Cake Decorator’s Guild, magazine and collaboration pieces, tutorials, teach and make cake.  My answer….I have a well laid out plan.

Getting Organized!


One of the hardest things I have trouble with is keeping my Cake Studio organized and making sure it doesn’t constantly look like a cyclone hit it.  Easier said than done, I know!  I figured I would share with you all some of the ways  I keep my cake paraphernalia in order.  I try and label everything with my Dynamo label maker (although I am a bit behind on that).

Marvelous Molds - New & Improved?

If you have ever taken a class with me, watched my DVD, or seen one of my few online tutorials, then you have heard me say, “I’m a man and I’m lazy”!  If there is a way for my to do something with less effort – a shortcut of sorts – I am all up on it!  That is why I am a HUGE fan of Marvelous Molds and their range of products!

New Product Reviews - July '15

My name is Mark and I am a cake toy addict.  There I have said it.  I should be on one of those reality shows for my addiction.  If it’s new, I need it.  I may not have a current use for it, but I need it.  I don’t love or even like all of the things I get and eventually try.  However, there are three recently that I feel I need to share with you.


Company Review - More Than Cake

One of the key factors to staying competitive in this industry is the ability to offer our customers a variety of great tasting products.  Now, having a background in restaurant management, I know when putting together a menu, it is always good to keep it manageable.  I apply this rule to my cake selections, as well.  I always have the classics – vanilla, chocolate and red velvet, but I always swap in and out a few different options depending on the season – like an apple spice with brown sugar buttercream for fall weddings.

Collab Fever

Collabs (a shortened version of Collaborations) are taking the internet by storm.  For any caker out there who doesn’t know what a collab is, it is a virtual gathering of cake artists who get together and each design an edible creation centering around a particular theme.

                In the beginning, there were just a few collabs out there, and they were well done and very organized.  In an industry where the two sides of the fence are very defined (the sharing side and the very “mean girl” side),  it is easy to see how feelings about collabs could also be divided.

All About The Lace

lace cake

Yes, I’m lame – I sing the title as if it were the words to “All about the bass”!   One of the hottest trends in the industry right now is edible lace, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.  We’re going to look at the pros and cons of some of the products out there.  I want to start by saying what is to follow is simply my opinion and I am not paid by nor do I represent any of these companies (not that I would complain if some of them came knocking at my door ;) ).