collection of alice in wonderland cakes Alice in Wonderland Cakes

Alice in Wonderland is just one of those classic tales that continues to charm year after year. It's no wonder characters from the movie continue to show up as cakes. Here are a few different takes on the theme:

collection of 17 butterfly cakes Butterfly Cakes

Here are 17 different butterfly cakes from carved cakes to cakes with butterflies applied to them.

gallery of rose cakes Rose Cakes

Rose cakes work for so many different occasions - birthdays, Mother's Day, appreciation and more. Here are several different designs adorned with this popular and very beautiful flower.

gadget cakes - iPod, Mac, cell phone Gadget Cakes

Here are gadget cakes that include the MacIntosh logo, cellular phones and an iPod.

collection of patriotic cakes Patriotic Cakes

These patriotic cakes were made for the men and women who proudly served their countries. They feature flags and elements of their military uniforms.

spider cakes for Halloween Spider Cakes

One of the favorite themes for Halloween is spider cakes. Here are a few creepy, crawly cakes for your parties.

collection of haunted house cakes Haunted House Cakes

Haunted house cakes are sure to be the hit of any Halloween party. Here are three terrific designs you can try.

winter scene cakes - wonderland, snowflakes, snow Winter Scene Cakes

Winter scene cakes depict snow, evergreen trees and snowflakes. They focus on the beautiful elements of nature during this cold time of the year.

collection of teapot cakes Teapot Cakes

Teapot cakes are great for Mother's Day or as part of a tea party theme cake. Here are a few ideas you can try.

collection of elmo cakes Elmo Cakes

These Elmo cakes depict the adorable, fuzzy red monster from Sesame Street who has been popular for a few decades.