roller coaster cakes Roller Coaster Cakes

Roller coaster cakes are fun reminders of summer and make great summer birthday cakes.

video game console cakes Video Game Console Cakes

What boy wouldn't want one of these video game console cakes for his birthday? I think plenty of grown men would, too :)

monkey cakes Monkey Cakes

Here are monkey cakes in the form of a sheet cake, a carved 3d cake and a tiered cake to make for your little monkeys.

food cakes Food Cakes

Food cakes are a novelty because you are attempting to make something sweet appear to be something savory. Here are some successful food theme cakes that do just that.

Beauty and the Beast Cakes Beauty and the Beast Cakes

These Beauty and the Beast cakes feature Princess Belle and Mrs. Potts.

poodle cakes Poodle Cakes

Poodle cakes make adorable birthday cakes for little girls or just people who have an affinity for poodles. Here are 2 different ideas below:

Thomas the Tank Engine Cakes Thomas the Tank Engine Cakes

Here are 4 Thomas the Tank Engine cakes inspired by the popular train set.

cookie monster cakes Cookie Monster Cakes

Cookie monster cakes are still a favorite! Sesame Street has been on television for many decades, winning the hearts of children.

What kid wouldn't love to stuff his/her face with cookies like Cookie Monster does. He makes a great kid's birthday cake theme.

gallery of transformers cakes Transformers Cakes

Here are four Transformers cakes depicting the giant robot from the movie by the same name.

Mickey Mouse cakes Mickey Mouse Cakes

Mickey Mouse cakes are still popular after all these years. Disney's very first character has endured more than 50 years.