charity event cakes Charity Event Cakes

Few things are as gratifying as making charity event cakes for people in need and seeing the smile on their faces in return.

It's a way to share our art and provide hope for those who don't have as much of it. Here are some cakes from charity events gone by.

mens cakes collection Mens Cakes

Men's cakes seem to be more difficult to come up with for some reason. If the birthday guy isn't into sports, here are some other great cake options to entertain.

artist inspired cakes Artist Inspired Cakes

Cake artists who admire fine artist often create artist inspired cakes to render those techniques in an edible medium.

musical instrument cakes Musical Instrument Cakes

Musical instrument cakes are for people of all ages: the lovers of music, the talented and the aspiring artists.
Here are a few ideas for a keyboard, piano and accordion to try on your own.

camouflage cakes Camouflage Cakes

Camouflage cakes are great for hunters, army men and mens' cakes, in general. Here are a few different variations of the popular color scheme.

collection of 20 different flower cakes Flower Cakes

Here are a wide variety of different flower cakes featuring roses, tulips, irises and more

Barn Cakes Barn Cakes

Here are a few nicely done barn cakes with farm animals for the country birthday cake recipient.

monster truck cakes Monster Truck Cakes

Boys and men are big fans of monster truck cakes, especially if they ride in one or own one. Here are some ideas for your adventure seeking guys.

different construction vehicle cakes Construction Vehicle Cakes

Construction vehicle cakes are a favorite among little boys. Most grow up playing with toy trucks, tractors and cars and would love nothing more than a cake made to look like one.

collection of topsy turvy cakes Topsy Turvy Cakes

Topsy turvy cakes have become a favorite, whimsical design, defined by cake layers cut and stacked to appear as though the cake is leaning. Most look as though they will fall over, but if properly supported they are perfectly sturdy.