collection of halloween cakes Halloween Cakes

Here are some cute and ghoulish Halloween cakes and cupcakes for your next celebration.

Dawn Parrott on the set of On the Cake Made Set

The Howcast Production of Piping, Stenciling & Filigree by Dawn Parrott

Cinco De Mayo Cake Cinco De Mayo Cake

A full sheet cake iced with a traditional buttercream and then decorated with fondant. I made my own marshmallow fondant (kind of a pain to work with)and made fondant figures/decorations by hand.

flower pot cakes Flower Pot Cakes

Flower pot cakes make elegant Mother's Day cakes or just a cake for a female who enjoys flowers.

The pot itself can be shaped by carving the stacked cake while upside down. Use a serrated knife to trim the excess off in an angle so the top of the cake will be wider than the bottom.

black and white wedding cakes Black and White Wedding Cakes

Black and white wedding cakes are simple but elegant and work very well for brides with modern taste.

barn animal cakes Barn Animal Cakes

Here are some barn animal cakes, both with figurines and created by carving the cake.

1st birthday cakes 1st Birthday Cakes

1st birthday cakes are special and we often make big family parties to celebrate.

Disney cartoon cakes Disney Cartoon Cakes

These Disney cartoon cakes are from some of the classic Disney movies.

planet earth cakes Earth Cakes

Here are two planet Earth cakes, one created with a sphere cake and the other on a round cake.

chocolate decadence cake Chocolate Frosted Cakes

Here are chocolate frosted cakes, some adorned with chocolate decorations such as chocolate curls, leaves and swirls.

Others just have chocolate frosting as the backdrop for other types of decorations.