collage of graduation cakes Graduation Cakes

Here are a variety of graduation cakes from graduation caps to school logos to an actual school - all creative ideas for graduation from any grade level.

tips for vegan baking Tips for Vegan Baking

Many people are discovering a vegan diet and whether you have chosen to eliminate all animal products from your diet due to health, ethical, or a combination of reasons, you shouldn't have to feel like you need to give up all of the delectable foods you love.

Behind The Scenes At Virgin Ice

I was recently in Ontario, Canada for a business trip.  On my way to the airport for my flight home, I arranged to make a stop at the offices of Virgin Ice.  Virgin Ice is a Canadian manufacturer of Fondant, gum-paste and other cake related items.  They are my go-to brand and they are an awesome

Company Review - More Than Cake

One of the key factors to staying competitive in this industry is the ability to offer our customers a variety of great tasting products.  Now, having a background in restaurant management, I know when putting together a menu, it is always good to keep it manageable.  I apply this rule to my cake

mother's day cakes Mothers Day Cakes

Here are some mother's day cakes ideas for the special mom in your family.

Collab Fever

Collabs (a shortened version of Collaborations) are taking the internet by storm.  For any caker out there who doesn’t know what a collab is, it is a virtual gathering of cake artists who get together and each design an edible creation centering around a particular theme.

collection of Easter cakes Easter Cakes

Here are a few cute Easter cakes with bunnies, eggs and flowers for spring.

march top tier challenge March Top Tier Challenge

The March Top Tier Challenge is open to every type of cake decorating technique: cakes, cookies, cupcakes or cake decorations made in any theme.

lace cake All About The Lace

Yes, I’m lame – I sing the title as if it were the words to “All about the bass”!   One of the hottest trends in the industry right now is edible lace, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.  We’re going to look at the pros and cons of some of the products out there.  I want to s

The Great Debate - Scratch Baking Vs Mixes

It’s a question as old as time.  It has probably been asked more than, “what came first - the chicken or the egg?”  I’m talking about what is better – cake mix or baking from scratch?  Just like politics and religion, the parties are divided on this one too.