Zombie Birthday Cake

zombie birthday cake

I used two 9 inch rectangle pans for the base, one medium sized loaf pan for the torso, and one small loaf pan for the head.  I used chocolate for the cake for the dirt effect when sliced and crumbled cake on top of chocolate frosting for the dirt and mud to make the grave.  I used butter cream frosting to cover all sides of all three cakes before adding the fondant.  I covered the entire base in fondant which I dyed.  Just add a drop of coloring at a time to white fondant and fold until you get the color you want. 

carving zombie cakeNext I carved the face and torso of the zombie.  I wanted it to look like he was crawling from the grave!  I covered the torso in white fondant and hand painted the dirt onto his dress shirt and added the tie, because I wanted a sharp dressed zombie.  You can change the look of the zombie's attire at will. 

fondant zombie headNext came the head. The head was the hardest part, because the shape of the skull was a bit difficult to mold the fondant to, and it was my first time ever decorating a cake.  But with a whole lot of patience I was able to make it work. Before covering the head with the fondant, I carved out a basic idea for the face.  (Mouth, eye socket.)  After the head was covered, I added the detail of the facial features. Fondant sticks nicely to itself, if you take a paint brush (for baking only) and dab a little bit of water to the area you are working on.  This also helps with minor mistakes. 

Once I had the basic body of the cake built, I began to add the tiny details.  I used a small brush and food coloring to "paint" the fondant to create shading and depth in the right places.  (Eye sockets, cheek, inside of mouth, etc.)  I molded small bugs, creatures,the zombies hands,and built a picket fence out of the fondant.  Adding all the detail was the best part.  I was pretty happy with the end product of my first cake decorating adventure.  The best part was my friend loved his birthday cake.  :)

carved zombieZombie Birthday Cake decorated by Lindsay Ann Kosar from Archbald, PA

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