Winnie the Pooh Cake

Winnie the Pooh cake

This Winnie the Pooh cake is covered with fondant and decorated with gum paste gift boxes and letters.

It was made as a boy's birthday cake for a 2 year old. The name is done in gum paste with cake decorating wire to make the letters stand up.

This is a simple cake to decorate. The gum paste decorations are made in advance. Once the cake is covered in fondant, the only real work is rolling fondant balls and cutting out fondant circles.

Winnie the Pooh cake supplies:

  • 2-9" cakes, torted, filled and stacked
  • 2-12" cakes, torted, filled and stacked
  • 16" square cake board
  • blue ribbon
  • pizza cutter
  • small, flat spatula
  • Approximately 4 lbs. fondant
  • exacto blade
  • construction paper
  • 20 gage cake decorating wire
  • gum paste
  • Wilton circle cutter set
  • buttercream icing
  • food color paste - wedgewood, orange, green, red, purple
  • Winnie the Pooh cake topper
  • dowels


1. A few days in advance, prepare your cake board. Tint about 1 lb. fondant with wedgewood blue food color paste.

2. Lightly grease the cake board with shortening to help the fondant adhere. Roll out the fondant slightly larger than the 16" board. Cover the board and trim the excess fondant from the edges with a pizza cutter.

3. Using the medium-sized circle cutter from the set, cut out several circles on the cake board. Carefully remove the circles with a small, flat spatula.

4. Tint about 1/2 lb. fondant green. Roll out a palm size ball of fondant to the same thickness as the fondant on the cake board. Use the same, medium size circle cutter to cut out enough circles to fill the spots of blue fondant you removed. Rub the green circles with your finger in a circular motion to help the seams join.

5. Allow the cake board to dry and then glue ribbon all around the edge of the board.

6. Tint small amounts of gum paste red, green, purple and orange. Make cubes of gum paste in different colors. Cut out small strips of gum paste in different colors to make the ribbons on the gift boxes. Set aside to dry.

7. Draw the letter of the name you're making on paper and cut them out. Roll out gum paste tinted blue to 1/8" thickness. Place your letter cut out on top of the gum paste and cut it out with an exacto blade.

8. Cut 2 pieces of cake decorating wire each to 4" long. Bend one end of each piece into a loop. Hold the looped end over a flame for a few seconds and then slide it into the gum paste letter, about half way up. Do it careful so not to distort the shape of the letter. Allow the letters to dry completely.

9. Cover the 9" tier with blue fondant (tinted with wedgewood paste color).

10. Cover the 12" tier with white fondant.

11. Cut the dowels to the height of the 12" tier and place 6 dowels equidistant from one another, in the area where the 9" tier will be placed. Stack the cakes.

letter template

12. Begin decorating the Winnie the Pooh cake by cutting out enough circles with the medium circle cutter to go all around the top edge of the 9" cake. The base of the 9" cake is covered with the larger circles, cut in half. The smallest circle in the package was used to place random circles on top of the 9" tier.

13. To do the bottom border (around the 12") of the Pooh cake, you will create balls of orange, blue, red and green fondant. The orange and green balls are about twice the size of the blue and red balls.

circle fondant border
14. Roll a sausage link out of each color. fondant sausage
15. This method of making the balls will help them all to come out the same size. Next, cut the sausage up into pieces that are all the same size. The larger balls are about 1/2" and the smaller balls are about 1/4".  cutting fondant to make balls
16. Roll all the pieces into balls. To add them to the Winnie the Pooh cake, slightly wet the back of the fondant ball with a wet paper towel and place them on the bottom edge. Alternate the colors as you go around the cake. bottom border of winnie the pooh cake

17. Next, you will add the circles to the side of the 9" tier. I used both the medium sized circle cutter and the small circle cutter.

18. Add the gift boxes to the top of the 12" tier with a little buttercream icing.

19. Place the gum paste letters where ever you want on the 12" tier.

fondant circles

20. With buttercream icing tinted orange, write the birthday message in the center of the side of the 12" cake, just below the name.

21. Finish off the Winnie the Pooh cake by placing the plastic topper on top of the 9" tier.


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