Train Cakes

2 easy train cakes

Here are 2 different train cakes the kids will love. The first is covered in fondant and the second was piped with buttercream icing. Both use loaf cakes, which create the ideal shape for a train car.

How to make the train cake:

candy train cake

1. Use four pound cakes (store-bought is fine). Cut one of the to be shaped like an engine.

2. Frost the cakes with buttercream and then cover with different colors of fondant.

3. Line the fondant covered cakes up on the cake board so the engine is at one end.

4. Create the wheels with oreo cookies and attach them to the cake with buttercream. Line them front to back on both sides of the train.

5. Use black licorice strings cut in strips to connect the wheels. Attach with buttercream.

6. Decorate the sides of the train cars with M&M candies.

7. To create the look of cargo, pile colored mini marshmallows on top of the cars.

8. The engine is decorated with black licorice strings cut at an angle on each side and a gold, chocolate coin placed in the center.

oreo wheels on train cake

Train cake decorated by Ally Chumley from Australia

This was a fun cake to make for my 2 year old son.

buttercream train cake

I made 3 different flavors of cake in loaf pans. I cut the loaf pans in 1/2 to make each of the different cars.

I used buttercream frosting and decorated each one with different candy to look like boulders, logs etc.

To make the round part of the engine, I baked the cake in a soup can :) (only fill the can 1/2 full of batter).

For the tracks, I used wafer cookies, licorice and chopped peanuts to look like gravel.

The wheels of the train were cookies.

I used an ice cream cone for the stack and popcorn mixed with marshmallows to form the smoke coming out of it.

My family loves to see what I make every year. This was a fun one and my little guy loved it!

front of train cake

By Nicki K. from Sunrise, MN

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