Swirled Fondant Beads

Swirled Fondant Beads

These swirled fondant beads make fun borders for a cake. You can do the steps below using any two colors or by combining white with one color to create fading shades of that color.

You will need:

  • 2 different colors of fondant
  • silicone mat
  • shortening
  • knife
  • rolling pin
Begin by taking 1/3 of each color and combining it. Then take 1/3 of the mixed color and 1/3 of blue and combine it. Do the same with the yellow. Repeat this process 2 more times. graduated colors of fondant
Roll out one ball of fondant at a time. Lightly grease the top of each piece to make the next layer of color stick and place the next color on top. Layer the fondant colors as they graduate from one color to the other. Use your rolling pin to press them together. layering colors of fondant
Trim the fondant into a rectangle. trimming the fondant
It's much easier to get the rolling started evenly if you wrap the fondant around a skewer. After you roll it a few times, you can pull the skewer out. rolling up fondant layers
The top strip of fondant is the layers of fondant all rolled up. The ends get trimmed off so when you cut, all slices will be the same, having all the colors in them.

The lower strip of white fondant gets cut into small pieces (1/2" long) if you want to roll up fondant beads. Your other option is to create a long sausgage of fondant so you can use this design on a fondant rope that wraps around the entire cake.

rolled fondant layers
Here is your strip of white fondant cut into equal size pieces before creating the beads. cutting fondant beads
And here are the cut strips of white fondant rolled into balls. Place a bit of shortening in your hands and roll each strip until the surface of the ball is smooth and round. fondant beads
Use a sharp knife and cut your rolled up fondant colors into pieces that are all the same width. swirled fondant
If you want to create a rope, don't roll the fondant into balls. Leave the strip as is and apply the cut pieces of swirled fondant all around the strip. Then you will roll it back and forth on your mat to merge the swirls and the white fondant together, which will elgonate it. swirled fondant log
Once you roll the colors together and it elongates, it will look like this. swirled fondant rope
Here are your colored fondant swirls alongside the white fondant ball. fondant ball and swirls
The white fondant ball is done the same way and looks like this before you merge the swirls into the white background. creating swirled fondant ball
And once you roll the swirls into the white fondant balls, this is what they will look like. swirled fondant balls


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