Swimming Turtle Cake

swimming turtle cake

Here are instructions for making this cute swimming turtle cake in buttercream icing:

1. I made the body of the cake first. This is just a chocolate cake that was a 10in circle. After it was cool I cut the body into the shape that I wanted. Looking at real turtles online and clip art of turtles was how I decided on the shape of my cake.

2. Once the cake was the right shape I put it on the base. I then colored frosting two different colors of green. With a small star tip I piped the dark green lines on the top of the turtle body. This is not an exact thing since every turtle is different. Then I filled in the rest of the turtle shell with the lighter green color.

3. After that I piped the sides of the turtle. I colored some frosting a light brown and with a small star tip I piped all the sides.

4. I then made chocolate cupcakes. The feet, head, and tail are all whole or parts of cupcakes.

5. I took 4 cupcakes and set them in place on the base. I then piped the light color green frosting on the feet with a small star tip. I left room to pipe in a few rows of the light brown to look like nails on the feet.

6. Before setting the head in place a took a small chunk out of one side of the cupcake. Still on top I cut a piece off at an angle to make it look like a neck.

7. I then piped the whole head with the light green color using a small star tip. I added two mini chocolate chips as the eyes and with my spatula I added a small white dot of frosting to the eyes.

8. The piece that I cut off the cupcake for the head I used as the tail. I bent it up a little bit so it wasn't completely flat. I attached it to the bade and piped it with the light green frosting using a small star tip.

9. Then I colored the rest of my frosting blue. I covered anywhere of the base that wasn't covered with cake with the blue. Making it look as though it was rough. I didn't want it to be smooth but to look like water moving. I also added white and blue edible glitter flakes to make the water shine.

Submitted by Mallory Dante from Mission Viejo, CA

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