Squirrel Cupcake Decoration

squirrel cupcake decoration

This squirrel cupcake decoration makes for an unconventional Thanksgiving dessert. The squirrel is accompanied by a fondant acorn and decorated with a touch of edible glitter to make him festive for the holiday season.

Tools and Ingredients

  • Brown Fondant with tylose powder added (For Squirrel)
  • Pink Fondant with tylose powder added (For the Nose)
  • Black Food Coloring
  • Edible glue
  • Gold luster Dust
  • Double Ended Cone Tool
  • Scribing Modeling Tool
  • Cocktail Sticks
  • Pea sized ball of pink Fondant
  • Paintbrush
  • Non-stick rolling pin

Fondant Squirrel:

1. Begin by kneading a small ball of brown fondant until soft and pliable. Add a little cornstarch to your work surface if you fondant starts to stick. Once the fondant is easy to work with, roll it into a small ball using your hands.

forming fondant squirrel body

2. Next, use your fingers to gently mold the ball into an elongated square shape. Then roll the square between your fingers until it is slightly more rounded at the bottom and thinner at the top. This will form the body of your squirrel so feel free to shape and mold the fondant until you are happy with it. Set to one side until needed again.

squirrel body elongated

3. To create the legs for your squirrel, begin by taking a small pea sized ball of brown fondant. Place this on your work surface and roll it into a small sausage shape using your fingers. The shape should be roughly 2-3cm long. Gently squeeze one end of the sausage shape with your fingers until it is slightly squared looks a little like a foot.

forming squirrel foot

4. Next, attach the leg you’ve just created to the body of your squirrel. Use a paintbrush to brush a small amount of edible glue onto the body before you begin to attach anything. Then take the leg and fold over one end so that it’s slightly squashed together. Attach this to the bottom half of the squirrel’s body and then place the squared end angled slightly towards the body so that it looks like a foot.

squirrel leg

5. Use a sharp, pointed modeling tool to gently press some tiny indents into the foot of your squirrel.  Create another leg in the same way as the step before and repeat this step until you have a squirrel’s body and two feet.

6. Next you need to create the arms for your squirrel. Begin by rolling a small ball (a little larger than the size of a pea) of brown fondant into a long sausage shape. Cut off any excess fondant if the sausage is too long to form an arm. You’ll probably need to judge the length of the arm by sight rather than measuring it as the proportions are often different each time you create something.

7. Flatten one end of the sausage shape by pinching it together with your fingers. It should form a small, flattened hand shape. Adjust the shape until you are happy with how it looks.

squirrel leg

8. Set the arm aside and repeat steps six and seven to create another arm for the squirrel.

9. Once you have two arms, attach each to either side of the squirrel by bending the shapes slightly to create a curve for the elbow. Attach the tops of the arms just underneath the head and secure with some edible glue. Insert a cocktail stick right through the body of the squirrel – this serves as a support for the head later on.

shaping fondant squirrel arms

10. Next, you need to create a head for your squirrel. This is probably the hardest step simply because the look of the head affects how the squirrel turns out in the end. If you find yourself struggling to get the head to look in proportion then just keep molding the fondant until you are happy with the shape.

11. Begin by rolling a small piece of brown fondant into a small ball.

fondant squirrel head

12. Use your hands to roll the small ball between your palms. Put extra pressure onto one side of the ball so that it rolls easily into a pear shape. Once the ball is pear shaped, one end should be slightly pointed in shape and thinner than the other.

13. Gently press the thinner end so that it is slightly rounded instead of pointed. Adjust the shape of the head until you are happy with it.

creating eyes on squirrel

14. Use a pointed cone tool to poke indents for the eyes, nose and ears. This will serve as a guideline for when you are creating the facial features as you’ll know where to place them.

15. Next, for the nose, roll a tiny piece of pink fondant into a small ball. Bear in mind that it will need to be really small (probably about ¼ of the size of a pea). Push the pink ball into the indent you made earlier for the nose. You might want to secure it with a little edible glue if it doesn’t stick well.

16. Dip a very thin paintbrush into some black food coloring and carefully paint in the eyes using the indents as guidelines. You can make the eyes as big or small as you like so feel free to be creative.

17. Next, create the ears by rolling two small pieces of fondant into a ball. Use your fingertips or a ball tool to flatten each piece slightly. Then use a cone modeling tool to press a triangular indent into the flattened pieces of fondant. Try to curl the fondant around the tool slightly as this will make the ears look more realistic.

18. Attach the ears separately by securing them with a little edible glue to keep them in place.

Place the head on top of the body you created earlier and adjust until you are happy with it.

placing fondant squirrel head on body

19. Finally, create the tail by shaping a small ball of fondant into a long, fairly wide strip. Use your fingers to create a curve to the strip and try to make it look as much like a tail as possible.

Attach this to the back of the squirrel with a dab of edible glue. Finish with a sprinkle of gold lustre dust if desired.

squirrel tail

Fondant Acorn

1. Roll a small piece of brown fondant into a ball. Then squeeze it slightly between your fingertips so that it forms an irregular square shape.

2. Use your fingers to elongate one side of the square shape. Ideally, you want the fondant to form a cone shape with one end thinner than the other. Try to adjust the shape so that it looks like the bottom part of an acorn

fondant acorn

3. Roll another piece of fondant into a small ball and flatten it into an even circle using a ball tool. Dab a little edible glue onto the underside of the circle and place it directly on top of the acorn shape. This will form the top part of your acorn.

top of acorn

4. Finish the acorn off by rolling a tiny piece of fondant and flattening it into a square shape. Attach this to the middle of the acorn. To make it look more realistic, score a few little lines in the top of the acorn using a cone tool. Brush with a dab of gold lustre dust to finish.

top of fondant acorn

This squirrel cupcake decoration comes from Hannah Foy, a cake decorator and writer from the United Kingdom.

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