Penguin Cake

penguin cake with igloo

Here's an adorable penguin cake with an igloo as the main feature. It's a great winter theme cake or a kids birthday cake.

To make the penguin cake, you will need:

  • 2 - 10" layer cakes
  • 2 - 6" layer cakes
  • 1 - 6" baked in a bowl
  • 1 recipe meringue buttercream icing
  • 1 lb. fondant
  • 25 peach, black and white gummy penguins
  • 12  gummy whales
  • 1 package of white chicklets and any other sea creature gummies you would like to place on the cake.
1. Place first ten inch layer cake on the ocean.  Cut a bite out of one six inch layer so that it butts up close to the ten inch layer.  Give this layer a crumb coat of icing.  carving the igloo cake

2. Place second ten inch layer on top of first ten inch layer and crumb coat.
3. Cut a slide out of the second six inch layer and place on edge of ten inch layer and resting on the lower six inch layer. 
4. Crumb coat the slide with icing.  Now, frost all layers.
5. Roll out a three inch wide strip of medium blue fondant to go completely around the ten inch and six inch bottom layers.  Using half the remaining white fondant, place several pea sized pieces of blue fondant on it and twist together until you get blue streaks going through the white fondant.  Roll this out and place over half of the ten inch layer just until it forms a wavy layer over the medium blue fondant on the bottom layer.

6. Cover the other half of the cake with white fondant.  Know where you want to place the igloo before placing the fondant on the cake.  The igloo will sit on the white only fondant. covering the igloo cake with fondant
7. Turn the six inch bowl cake upside down so it looks like an igloo.  Crumb coat.  Use half a donut or part of the cut six inch layer to form the entrance of the igloo.  Crumb coat with it with

8. Cover igloo with white fondant.  Mark snow blocks staggering the blocks so that it looks like brick work.  Cover the entrance with fondant and mark it with snow blocks also.  Place
chicklets on the front of the entrance to look like blocks of snow.

completed penguin and igloo cake

9. Place the igloo on top of the white fondant on the ten inch layer.  Put the entrance in place and snug it up close to the igloo.
10.  We used icing and desiccated coconut to make the slide look more rugged.
11.   Melt a dozen blue gummy whales for the water.  Cover part of the cake board with dark blue fondant with wavy edges.  Cover the whole cake board with the melted gummy whales.
12.  We dry brushed blue coloring into the marking on the igloo and then washed it out. 
13.  Place gummy penguins on cake.  

Note:  We added the 'Titanic' and the iceberg.  We also added some candy flotsam and jetsam. 

The cake was a big hit with the children.

Penguin Cake decorated by Virginia
Vancouver, BC, Canada


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