My Little Pony Cake

my little pony cake

My Little Pony Cake features the winged pony from the cartoon.

Step 1: I started with the Wilton little pony cake pan. I sketched a My Little Pony in a similar pose with minor alterations to the body shape to make it look more like a My Little Pony (sketch was done to size as an easier decorating guide). little pony cake pan and template
Step 2: I made the wings, hair, eye, mouth, heart and star out of coloured fondant. When making the wings I used wooden skewers and pressed them into the back of the wings and covered them with a thin layer of additional fondant to help seal them in. These could then be stuck into the cake to help support them and hold the weight.

Step 3: I mixed purple buttercream icing to match the colour of the wings and also plain white buttercream icing.

Step 4: I made the cake using 3 butter cake mixes (the cake mixes here in Australia are smaller than in the U.S.). Before pouring the batter in the greased and floured cake pan I split it into three portions and coloured one batch pink and one batch purple. Then I poured most of the plain batter in first (leaving a small portion to add at the end). Then I added the pink and purple batter in turn and pulled a wooden spoon through the mix to swirl them together a bit more. You don't want to do this too much or you will just end up blending the colours instead of creating a swirl effect. I then added the rest of the plain batter and baked the cake as directed.

Step 5: after slightly cooling the cake I sliced off the top (raised portion of the cake) so it would sit flat before flipping it over on to a cake board.

Step 6: Once the cake was cooled completely (can be placed in the fridge for a couple of hours) I sliced a thin layer off of the top of the cake as the Wilton Little Pony design layers were too varied for my liking. I then trimmed a small excess portion off of the pony's left leg and back (see variance between Wilton pan and my design) and attached it to the forehead using some plain white butter cream icing. This extra was needed to support some of the My Little Pony head hair.

Step 7: I then coated all the outside edge of the cake with the white buttercream icing mix and also coated areas outside the My Little Pony design (ie. portion between the legs) and under where the tail and head hair would be sitting (for taste and for better adhesion). my little pony cake

Step 8: I then used black piping to outline where the horse would be and filled in the body with purple star piping (including where the fondant would sit as it was easier to just place on top).

Step 9: I then placed all the fondant pieces on the cake (except the wings) and used black piping to outline all of the fondant features. I then placed the wings in last and used black piping to outline and a portion of wood skewer propped between the wings as additional support.

Step 10: I used white buttercream to do a shell piping around the base of the cake (except where the wings and additional hair were)

Step 11: I used stray My Little Pony figurines from around the toy room to accessorize and just used black piping to write Happy Birthday at the bottom of the cake board!

This project took me many, many hours and was spread over 4 days!!!

My Little Pony Cake decorated by Donna from Melbourne, Australia


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