Mother's Day Cake

hand painted royal icing mother's day cake

The most common mothers day cakes you'll find depict flowers. This is marshmallow fondant covered cake that has been painted with royal icing on the side and topped with gum paste/fondant roses.

You can apply the following techniques to any floral picture you find. I just googled "wedding flowers" and found a picture of a pretty bouquet that I used as a guide.

If you're not comfortable drawing the picture freehand, you can place plexiglass over the picture and trace it in royal icing. Allow that to harden and then press the design onto the cake while the fondant is still soft.

Mothers Day Cake Supplies:

  • 2 - 6" cakes, torted, filled, and covered in white fondant
  • 2 - 9" cakes, torted, filled and covered in white fondant
  • 12" cake board covered in white fondant
  • thin paintbrushes
  • vodka or lemon extract
  • food color pastes - brown, yellow, pink, red, blue, green, purple, copper, burgundy
  • royal icing
  • piping gel
  • cake decorating tips #2 and #6
  • a palm sized amount of 1/2 fondant/1/2 gum paste
  • 2 cake decorating bags fitted with coupler

1. Center the 9" cake tier on the cake board. Center the 6" cake tier on top of the 9" cake tier.

2. Begin by mixing a small amount of brown gel paste color with a few drops of vodka on a dish. Paint the general outlines of your design on to the side of the cake, as shown.

3. Take about a cup of royal icing and mix it with 1/2 teaspoon of piping gel.
(This slows the drying time while you are painting the cake).

4. Fill the cake decorating bag with royal icing/piping gel mixture and use tip #2.

5. Take a toothpick full of burgundy paste color and mix it on a plate with royal icing. Wet the paintbrush and dab it on a paper towel. Pick up some of the burgundy icing with the brush and outline the outer petal of the dahlia. Next, pipe a line of white icing next to the burgundy.

painting outline of mother's day cake design
6. Using the paintbrush, pull the icing from the outside of the petal towards the inside of the petal. Repeat on the rest of the petals. Do this to all the dahlias. When the icing is dry, come back to the dahlia and paint the center with a mixture of burgundy and vodka to give more depth to the center of the flower. painting royal icing rose
6. Next, move on to the calla lilies. Pipe white royal icing all around the outline and fill the whole thing in with white icing. Using a flatter brush, brush across the surface of the icing, smoothing it out. You can also run the brush along the outside of the flower to smooth out the lines. Give a little depth to the center of the calla lily by adding a little brown food color/vodka to it. When that's dry, come back and add a yellow center to the flowers. painting royal icing calla lilies
7. For the roses, I dabbed a darker peach icing mixture in the middle and made it lighter towards the outer petals, using the copper paste and royal icing. Then, I used the copper paste and vodka to draw the lines of the petals, beginning from the center of the roses and working my way out to the outer leaves. royal icing rose painting
8. To make the iris, you will use the brush embroidery technique. Do one petal at a time, because you don't want the icing to dry out by the time you get to the petal. Pipe a line of white royal icing along the outside of the petal. Mix a small amount of royal icing with a dab of purple paste color. Paint the lavender icing on the inside of the white line. Add enough so you'll be able to pull the color all the way from the outside of the petal to the inside. Wet your brush and dab it on the paper towel. Now using long brush strokes, pull the white icing through the lavender icing towards the center of the flower. Repeat this process for all the iris petals. painting royal icing iris

9. For the center of the iris, pipe white icing within your outline. Come back to it with the flat brush, and smooth it out. Dip a toothpick in a tiny dab of yellow food color paste. Swirl it in the top, center of the stamen to make it look as shown.

10. Finish your drawing by piping the stems and leaves with green royal icing.

11. When the painting dries a bit, you can come back to the flowers and leaves and add some dimension by painting darker colors where appropriate. Mix the color paste with the vodka and add darker green to the parts of the leaves. Make the centers of your flowers a little darker than the outside of the flowers.

12. Top the cake with 3 gum paste/fondant roses. There are 2 lavender and one peach on the top of this cake. Add gum paste/fondant leaves alongside the roses.

13. Pipe a swirl border on the base of the cake with the #6 cake decorating tip in white royal icing.

14. Complete the cake by spraying the entire thing with a light, even coat of edible luster spray in pearl.

gum paste lavendar roses
While making your mothers day cakes in royal icing, be sure to keep your icing covered at all times with plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out. Frequent cleaning of the brush is a good idea to prevent contaminating colors. Always be sure to dry it after rinsing. You don't want water dripping down the sides of your mothers day cakes.


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