Mini Gingerbread House

mini gingerbread house

This cute little mini gingerbread house is designed to fit on the edge of a mug. Decorate these little cookies houses with royal icing, fondant, sprinkles, etc. to customize their look. Dress up your coffee, tea or hot chocolate mugs for the Christmas dessert table or any time throughout the holiday season.


Pre-baked and gingerbread houses

1 Piping bag filled with White Royal Icing

1 Piping bag filled with Red Royal Icing

2 Small round piping nozzles (fitted into each of the piping bags)

Edible White snowflake sprinkles/similar sprinkles for decoration

1. Begin by laying out your pre-baked gingerbread house cookies onto a work surface. Start by placing the front of your house on the surface along with two roof squares, two sides and the back of the house.

 Just arrange the pieces into an order so that you can see exactly how many pieces you’ll need and where they need to go. This will prevent any confusion as you build the house.

gingerbread house pieces

2. Begin by taking the front of the gingerbread house and place it in front of you upside down so that what will be the inside of the house faces upwards, towards you.

3. Take a white icing piping bag fitted with a small round nozzle and hold it in one hand. Begin to pipe a small line around the edge of the gingerbread house as seen in the picture.

assembling gingerbread with royal icing

4. Once you’ve done this, take one of the rectangular shaped pieces (the side of the house) and gently press it onto the royal icing line you’ve just piped. Some people prefer to lay the house on its side as they work so that it doesn’t fall over. The gingerbread house has been left standing up in the picture.

You can also use a support such as a mug or jar to help keep the sides in position whilst the sides dry.

attaching gingerbread house side

5. Next, attach the other side of the gingerbread house by pressing it onto the line of royal icing. You can either lay the house on its side or use a support if you feel the side might collapse.

Leave to dry slightly for a couple of minutes.

6. Ensure that the sides are almost dry and unable to collapse or move too much before you continue to build the house.

Pipe a line of royal icing onto the top of the side of the house; this will help the roof to stick. Take one rectangular shaped roof piece and gently fit it onto the house. Try to make sure that the roof fits on the inside of the house like the sides. Use a little more royal icing to fill in any gaps.

gingerbread roof

7. Pipe another line of royal icing onto the very top side of the roof that you’ve just fitted. Gently Press the other roof piece into the gap and use royal icing to secure it. It usually helps if you lay the house on its side at this point and then leave it to dry for 30 minutes – 1 hour so that it doesn’t collapse.

8. Finally, once the house is fairly secure and the royal icing has dried, pipe a line of royal icing onto the inside of the last piece (this is the back of the house and looks exactly the same as the front).

front of gingerbread house

9. Attach this final piece to the back of the house by gently pressing it down. Leave the house to dry for an hour before you decorate it.

finishing gingerbread


10. To decorate the house, begin by piping an outline around the front and sides of the house with white royal icing. You can either pipe straight lines or small dots, it’s really up to you.

piping royal icing roof

11. Next, pipe small red dots around the front and sides of the house by squeezing and releasing pressure with your piping bag.

Then continue to pipe red dots over the front of the house to create a horizontal pattern. You can also use your piping bag to outline the door with a long line of icing.

red royal icing dots

12. Attach two snowflake sprinkles to the roof of the house using a dab of royal icing.

snowflake decorations

13. Finish off the house by piping a wavy red line across the back of the house and three small dots on the roof.

decorated house cookie

While many of the candies used to decorated gingerbread houses are too big for these little versions, there are many different types of sprinkles in all different colors that will work great. You can also just pipe in different colors of royal icing.

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