Matthew's Guitar Cake

mathew's guitar cake in red

Our son Matthew is a guitar fan and we thought it would be fun to make a full-scale electric guitar cake for him.

1. I took one of his guitars and traced around it on freezer paper. I then modified it to resemble a "Les Paul" model electric guitar which he loves.
2. I started with twelve box cake mixes. Half in butter recipe yellow and the other half in devils food chocolate.
3. I purchased five pounds of wilton ready made white fondant, two large containers of chocolate fudge icing, three containers of butter cream icing, gold metallic edible "paint", black food coloring paste, & red, black and brown aerosol cake-spray coloring. Three 18" X 18" cake boards.
4. I cooked four 12" X 18" rectangular cakes. (I had approximately 3/4 of the chocolate and the yellow cakes left over that was unused. Due to the fact I was doing two flavors I over estimated how many cakes it was going to take in the end.) If cooking in 13" X 9" you'll probably need about 3 of each.
5. I cooked, cooled and crumb coated the bottom layer (devils food). Then applied generous layer of store bought chocolate fudge icing. I then placed yellow cake on top...crumb coated with store bought butter cream icing.
6. I laid the freezer paper template (I find it sturdier to write on than parchment). I carved the cakes to match the template. I used some of the cut-aways to form "neck" of the guitar.
7. I applied butter cream icing to entire cake. I rolled out the fondant (white) and laid over the entire cake.
8. After trimming, my husband air brushed the guitar to match our son's guitar.
9. I painted all the knobs, pick-ups, tuning knobs, etc. with edible metallic gold paints & black paste mixed with some clear vanilla extract. After the cake and the accessories dried I placed them on the cake. 10. The frets of the guitar were made of white fondant and were free-handed just like the rest of the accessories.
11. I finished Mathew's guitar cake by applying a butter cream border around the bottom of the cake.

The cake was a hit! Turned out to be over 40 inches long and fed over 40 people.

I've only done a few cakes and so far this is probably my favorite. Looking forward to the next challenge!

Decorated by Cori from Florida

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