Making Roses Out of Icing

buttercream rose tutorial

When making roses out of icing, either a stiff consistency buttercream or stiff consistency royal icing works best to hold the shape of the petals.

If you're using buttercream for icing roses, they will transfer to the cake with less damage if you freeze them. Applying your flower icing decorations is just "peel and stick."

If you're making icing flowers with royal icing, roses take longer than most flowers to dry, since they are a large blob of icing. Prepare them at least a day in advance.

You can use a solid color icing or paint a stripe of food coloring down the pastry bag to create a more realistic effect. The rose is usually darker on the inside. To achieve this effect, line up the wide part of the tip with the stripe. Making royal icing roses gives you the option of painting color on once the icing is dry. Use powdered food coloring with a little lemon extract. You can even dust the petals with highlighting powder.

When making roses out of icing, you will need:

  • flower nail
  • tips:#9, #104
  • wax paper
  • buttercream or royal icing, stiff consistency

Cut up 2" x 2" squares of wax paper. place a dot of icing in the center of the flower nail and a wax paper square on top.

If you are right-handed, hold the flower nail in your left hand. If you are left-handed, vice versa.

Using tip #9, create a cone in the center of the flower nail by holding the bag straight up and applying firm pressure. (If you are making royal icing flowers, allow the cone to dry completely before proceeding to the next step of making roses out of icing).

icing rose base

For the first row of 3 petals, place the wide end of the tip in the same place you started the center of the rose. Begin squeezing with the narrow part of the tip positioned slightly down to the left. As you turn the flower nail to the left, lift the tip up and over in an arc, so the narrow end finishes by pointing to the right. The first 3 petals should wrap completely around the top of the rose - the beginning of the first meets the end of the third.

rose center

Switch to tip #104. Create the center of the rose by placing the narrow end of the tip up, turning inwards, so the tip is lined up slightly above the top of the cone. Turn the flower nail 360 degrees while you squeeze a ribbon of icing around the top, back to the starting point and down the cone. Release pressure and lift the tip.

first icing rose petal

Making slightly larger petals, begin below the first row. This time, create 3 petals, Begin the 2nd petal overlapping the end of the first petal. When finishing each petal, pull the tip down toward the base of the rose to tack it in place.

3 rose petals
Create 5 petals in the second layer. second layer of rose petals

The last row should have 7 petals.

final row of rose petals

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