Ice Cream Sundae Cake

ice cream sundae cake

Learn how to make an ice cream sundae cake that won't melt at room temperature. This cake decorating tutorial by Veena Azmanov takes you through the cake assembly, sculpting and formation of the waffle cone and ice cream scoops, all completely constructed from cake, icing and fondant.

You will need:

One 6” round cake  – 2“ tall
One 7” round cake – 2” tall
Filling and frosting of your choice
Fondant - Ivory for the cone and different colors of your choice for the scoops.
Modeling chocolate
12 “round cake board + ribbon
About 4 to 5 cups Rice Krispies (depending on how firmly you mold them)
About 2 to 3 cups of mini marshmallows
Vegetable shortening

ice cream cake preparationBasic Cake:

1. Bake the cakes and cool completely.

2. Cut the domes off and save the domes for later.

3. Stack your cakes with filling / frosting. Start with the 6” on the bottom and the 7” on the top.

4. Cut the spare cake domes into triangles and add the triangles evenly spaced about 5 or 6 spaces. Use frosting to stick the pieces to the cake.Alternatively you can use modeling chocolate instead of spare cake domes.

5. Chill the cake at this point so it will be easy to frost without the layers and trimmings getting displaced. I used buttercream on the inside and ganache on the outside of the cake.

Making the Rice Krispies for the Ice Cream Scoop

rice krispie balls

1. Add marshmallows into a greased bowl.
2. Microwave for about a minute.

3. Add the rice krispies and stir well.

4. Let rest aside to cool for a few minutes to an hour so they are not too hot to handle.

5. Roll them into four balls – I made three balls the same size and the top a tad bigger than the rest.  I did not press them too firmly either.

6. Set these aside to set. 

Covering the Top of the Ice Cream Sundae Cake

1. pink marblized fondantRoll some marbled pink and white sugar paste.

2. Use a plate or cake circle large as the top of your cake and cut a circle.

3.fondant cake top Moisten the top of your cake and place the disc on.

4. Smooth any excess on the sides of the cake.

Making the Waffle Cone Wrap 

waffle cone fondant1. Measure the height and the top circumference of the cake (the bottom is narrower).

2. Moisten the sides of your cake.

3. Roll some ivory fondant into a long strip.

4. Emboss a diamond pattern making sure you do not cut the fondant – just emboss. 

rolling up fondant strip5. Then cut the strip to your measure – The height should be about ½ inch taller than the cake.

6. My cake was 4 ½ inch tall so the waffle strip was 5 inches. To avoid stretching the fondant, dust with a bit of cornstarch so it won’t stick. Then roll it onto your rolling pin. 

7. Wrap the fondant around the cake by simply unrolling the rolling pin around your cake. 

fondant ice cream cone covered sundae cake

8. fondant waffle cone piecesUse some spare ivory to make a waffle cracker on the top. 

Embossing and Dusting the Waffle Cone

1. waffle cone fondant textureThere are many different waffle cones available in the market these days so you won’t be wrong it you left the diamond impression just as is.
I used a Dresden tool to double the diamond impression. Which means that I made parallel lines to the existing lines. ( I hope that makes sense)

2. coloring fondant waffle coneNext it’s time to dust the waffle cone.  I used some petal dusts. Here I used some brown, yellow, gold and white dusts. Use cornstarch to lighten the colors. Give it a light dusting.

3. dusting the coneI used light brown and gold into the lines. 

4. completed fondant coneThen I dusted the entire surface with cornstarch and a tiny bit of brown, yellow mixed.

The Chocolate Edge on the Waffle Cone 

waffle cone edge1. Roll some brown or colored modeling chocolate into a long strip about 1 inch thick.

2. Make one edge straight and the other a bit wavy.

3. Moisten the top edges of the waffle cone. 

4. Dust the modeling chocolate strip with cornstarch and roll it into a jelly roll.

5. Hold it on the top edge and unroll, keeping the wavy edge outwards and the straight edge inwards.

6. You can sprinkle some sprinkles on it at the end once the cake is almost done.

Let’s Make the Ice Cream Scoop

fondant ice cream parts1. Roll some fondant circles in four different colors about ¼ inch thick for your scoops. Here I have used pink, yellow, blue and white for color contrast.

2. Roll some thick long sausages with the same colors as shown in the picture. Dust them with some cornstarch or powder sugar so they are not sticky. Leave them to dry off for about 10 to 15 minutes. (I live in a high humidity area so I left it for almost 35 minutes).

3. fondant covered ice cream scoopBrush the rice krispie treats with some vegetable shortening. Notice my rice krispies are not smooth. The bumpy texture adds to the realism.

4. Wrap each ball of rice krispies with the rolled disc, Cut off any excess at the bottom.

5. fondant ice creamNext wrap the rolled sausage around it. Use water to help adhere.

6. fondant ice creamUse a fork to seal the sausage to the disc then use a circular motion to distress the fondant.
Jut pulling with the fork in the same direction all around.

7. To fill the gaps in the top surface of the cake, I balled the leftover dried pink fondant into a ball and distressed it the same way as before.

Making the Fruit

Making the Strawberries

fondant strawberries1. Roll some bright red fondant into a smooth ball with no cracks then into a teardrop shape.

2. Flatten just the top gently.

3. Take a cocktail stick and make small tiny random holes- many of them.

4. Depending on the size of your strawberry, either use the smallest daisy cutter or the smallest calyx cutter to make the green stalk.

5. Let dry for a few minutes to an hour.

6. Dust the strawberries with some cocoa powder. The cocoa powder will settle inside those tiny holes you just made.

7. Then dust with cornstarch to take off any excess cocoa powder.

Making the Blueberries:

1. fondant blueberriesTint the gum paste with a dark navy blue color. If you do not have navy blue, royal blue with a touch of black should give you navy blue.

2. Roll small pea size smooth balls with no cracks

3. Use a tiny blossom cutter to make the head. You can also use a small star cutter but I think the blossom looks better.

4. Place the blossom cutter on the ball then press slightly so it gives it that blueberry shape.

5. Mark a dot in the center with a pointed tool.
Let dry for a few minutes – then dust with cocoa powder and white petal dust.

Blueberries have white patches so don’t be afraid to let those patches be obvious. Due to the very high humidity this week, I skipped the dusting; so the dust would not smudge the fruit. But if you can you should – they add to the realism. 

Assemble the Ice Cream Scoops – the Fun Part

1. stacked fondant ice creamI placed the three similar size scoops on the top of the cake so they sit comfortably.

2. I used the spare pink fondant distressed as ice cream to fill the gaps around the outer circumference.

3. Next I added the top larger scoop making sure it sits supported and won’t move during transportation. If needed, you can add royal icing as glue or skewers. My top scoop sat very comfortably on the three below.

4. Use the left over modeling chocolate to create the chocolate dripping. I did this free hand by just rolling it into a ball then pulling in different directions into a drip shape. If you rub your fingers on the surface, you will get a nice shiny look to modeling chocolate.

5. Place the fruit strategically so you hide any gaps between the scoops.

6. Lastly, take one tablespoon cornstarch mixed with one tablespoon cooled boiled water. Brush this all over the chocolate drips and fruit to give it that glossy look. I also added a smear on the scoops so the sprinkles would stick. (not too much)

7. sprinklesNext sprinkle in some sprinkles – try not to be too heavy handed with the sprinkles – if you change your mind they are hard to take off!! 

8. Decorate the board with the spare fondant. 

Veena AzmanovThis adorable ice cream sundae cake was made by the very talented Veena Azmanov of Veena's Art of Cakes. Originally from Bombay, India, Veena currently resides in Israel where she has been selling decorated cakes since she first made a birthday cake for her daughter in 2009. Visit her website to see more of her cakes and free tutorials.


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