Gum Paste Rose

gum paste rose

The gum paste rose is one of the essential cake decorations in floral cake making throughout the year. This is a simplified cake decorating tutorial by Hannah Foy.

  • White Gum Paste
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Florist/Cake decorating Wire
  • Edible Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Non-stick rolling pin
  • Medium and Large Petal Cutters
  • Ball modeling tool

1. Take a small piece of white gum paste (about the size of a nickel) and roll it into a ball using your hands. Then take a length of wire and using pliers, bend one end into a loop.

gum paste rose center
2. Dip the loop in a bit of gum glue and insert the wire into the small ball of gum paste and gently shape it until it forms a teardrop shape. Set this aside to dry for at least an hour. wired rose center

3. Add a small amount of shortening to your work surface. This will prevent the gum paste from drying out and cracking.

4. Roll out a small ball of white gum paste using a non-stick rolling pin until it is very thin. Be sure to keep moving it gently with your hands as you roll it out; this will prevent it from sticking. Ideally, the gum paste should become slightly transparent and you should be able to see your hands underneath when you move it.

5. Next, take a medium sized petal cutter and cut out three petals. Once you’ve done this, discard the excess gum paste or re-roll it and place in an airtight container.

gum paste rose petal

6. At this point, you will have to work fairly swiftly to prevent the gum paste drying out too much.

Take the teardrop shaped, wired based you created earlier and place it in front of you. Then handle one of the three petals and ensure that it is positioned so the larger end faces upwards. Dab a little edible glue onto the base onto the wired flower base and wrap the petal around the base until it sticks. Try to wrap the petal around the very top of the teardrop shape so that you can no longer see it. Keep in mind that the first three petals will form the very center of the finished rose.

rose center petals

7. Take another of the three petals and wrap them around the base of the flower so they overlap the previous petal slightly. If needed, secure the petal with a little edible glue. Continue this step with the third petal and ensure that the larger end forms the top of the petal whilst the pointed end sits at the base of the flower, near the wire. Once you’ve finished, set the rose aside whilst you complete the next step.

8. Roll out another small ball of gum paste using a non-stick rolling pin and ensure that it is just as thin as detailed in step three. Then use the largest of the two petal cutters to cut out four large petals.

9. Take your ball tool and position one of the large petals so that it is in front of you. Gently ruffle the ball tool back and forth around the very edge of the petal. This will both thin out the edges and create a ruffled effect. Repeat this process with the other three.

thinning rose petals with ball tool

10. Next, brush a little edible glue onto the base of the rose and take one of the four petals so that it sits between your fingers. Gently press the petal over the top of the base you created earlier. Make sure that you place the larger part of the petal upwards and the smaller, pointed edge towards the bottom of the flower. This will ensure that the appearance of the rose is as lifelike as possible. Press down on one side to secure it and leave the other free so that you can place the next petal underneath this one.

11. Brush a little more edible glue onto one of the four petals and tuck it underneath the side of the previous petal. Secure it by pressing down slightly with your fingers. Repeat this step with the remaining two petals.

12. Once you have finished securing the four large petals you can then roll out another small ball of fondant using a non-stick rolling pin. Cut out an additional four large petals and ruffle them exactly the same way as before. It is possible to roll out eight petals at once but if you work in stages, the gum paste won’t dry out and you will have more time to work. (The petals can be kept in between sheets of plastic).

13. Finally, attach each of the four petals in exactly the same way as before. Secure each petal with some edible glue and press down using your fingers and then finish the rose by securing the last petal underneath the previous one.

At this point, you have the option to add as many petals as you like although by this point, you should have a medium-sized rose. If you would like your rose to be bigger, just add another set of large petals until you are happy with the size.

This variation of the gum paste rose tutorial creates quick roses. For more realistic detail in the rose petals, a rose petal veiner is recommended.

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